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  • Tomato

  • SKYMAN - Pipe Rail Trolley

    SKYMAN - Pipe Rail Trolley

    Buitendijk-Slaman has developed a new pipe-rail trolley together with their customers; The “SKYMAN”. The SKYMAN electric pipe-rail trolley is developed for growers who do not need hydraulic lifting platforms. The SKYMAN can be used on different heights by manually adjusting the platform. Because of the simple design, the trolley is not only simple in use and maintenance, but it makes the trolley also a very interesting investment.

  • Capsicum

  • Model SIT - Pie Rail Cart

    Model SIT - Pie Rail Cart

    For jobs that are closer to the ground, we procude different types of sit-carts. They can be provided with wheels to drive on the pipe-rail system or on the ground. Standard, they are equipped with a steel tractor seat, and optionally with a more luxury bucket seat with back rest.

  • Flat Harvest Cart

    Flat Harvest Cart

    Buitendijk-Slaman produces the ideal harvest cart for every application. You can choose from a steel or aluminium base, and from there the cart can be configured with different lengths and options. In this way, the ideal cart can be configured for each application. The more standard the trolley is, the more attractive the purchase price will be. Contact us for advice about the best harvest cart for your application

  • Cucumber

  • De Leafing Bin

    De Leafing Bin

    From a hygienic perspective, some growers choose not to throw the leaves on the ground, but to discharge them from the greenhouse immediately. Especially when there is no room under the gutter. To facilitate this method, we designed the de-leafing bin. The bin can be pushed over the pipe-rail system and the cut-off leaves are collected in the bin. When the bin is full, it can be transported in a train or by fork lift out of the greenhouse. The bin can...