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  • Tomato Harvesting Systems

  • Water Gutter System

    Water Gutter System

    Through years of experience in the construction of water channel installation's, we can advise you which type of gutter is best suited for your situation. The water channel are supplied complete in aluminium, stainless steel or polyester.

  • Controlled Electro Tractor

    Controlled Electro Tractor

    The Trackman is a fully induction controlled electro tractor. The Trackman follows its route by a wire in the concrete path. As customers can expect from Buitendijk-Slaman, the Trackman is also another extremely ruggedly built electric tractor with a modern design. Its compact construction gives it a tight turning circle. Because the Trackman specially developed for the induction work, the Trackman has a large torque at low speeds. If the path is...

  • Electric Pipe Rail Trolley

  • Pipe Rail Trolley Harvestman

    Pipe Rail Trolley Harvestman

    Buitendijk-Slaman developed the HARVESTMAN specifically for pepper growers. Especially for harvesting with large and heavy bins. While most of the pipe rail trolleys on the market are designed for cultivation, we concentrated on a pipe rail trolley for harvesting. The HARVESTMAN has an extra heavy duty construction to easily carry high weights on the trolley. The lifting wheels are equipped with 2 centre wheels and 2 caster wheels which are powered by...