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  • Danish Bedding Substrate

    Danish Bedding Substrate

    The substrate is so called because Danish growers favour the addition of clays to increase the buffering or nutrient holding capacity of the substrate. The extra buffering helps produce a wide range of specialist crops. Specific mixes for salt sensitive plants have also been developed from this range i.e. cyclamen and primroses. Available sizes: 80L bag, semi-bulk bags, mega bales and bulk.

  • Danish Pot Plant Substrate

    Danish Pot Plant Substrate

    Our Danish Pot Plant Substrate has been developed using an open structured peat with added clay granules. It is ideal for planting up to 9cm to 13cm pot plants and is very useful for salt sensitive species. Low nitrogen versions of both the above mixes are available to suit production of pansies, primroses and any other crop requiring control of vegetative growth to produce the required plant habitat.