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  • Wire Mesh

  • Shepherd - Aquaculture Mesh

    Shepherd - Aquaculture Mesh

    Floating pens and cages help you better manage and protect your fish farming enterprise, particularly when it comes to feeding, harvesting and predator control. Shepherd supplies Aquaculture Mesh for bird mesh, cages, culture trays and traps combines the best quality wire, technologically advanced welding methods and our proprietary fuse-bonded PVC coating to give you durable, corrosion resistant long-lasting wire mesh. Vinyl coated Shepherd...

  • Shepherd - Mesh for Marine Traps

    Shepherd - Mesh for Marine Traps

    From the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast to the Gulf of Mexico, Shepherd galvanized and PVC coated Marine Trap Wire Meshes are #1 in quality and durability. Our extensive national distributor network supplies the best continuing service and product quality to the commercial trap building industry. We offer heavier square mesh for trap construction as well as lighter gauge hex mesh (netting) crab pots. Shepherd's plastic coated Marine Trap Mesh is...

  • Shepherd - Mesh for Aviaries, Cages, Gamebird Pens, Kennels, and Poultry Houses

    Shepherd - Mesh for Aviaries, Cages, Gamebird Pens, Kennels, and Poultry Houses

    Whether you need to protect caged animals or birds from predators or secure these animals to protect others, Shepherd Coated Cage Wire is the answer in strength and durability. Cage manufacturers prefer the smooth surface vinyl coated surface of Shepherd mesh which eliminates snagging or cutting from sharp surfaces and makes the wire easy to clean. Shepherd's exclusive fuse-bonded process provides a PVC coating over a high quality galvanized welded...