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  • Massey Ferguson

  • Massey Ferguson - Model MF 1500 - Tractors

    Massey Ferguson - Model MF 1500 - Tractors

    Simple, proven, reliable, and economical transmissions ready to deliver years and years of service. Efficient and great for loader work. Easy to operate, with infinite ground speeds. Designed to keep you comfortable all day long.

  • Massey Ferguson - Model MF 7600 - Tractor

    Massey Ferguson - Model MF 7600 - Tractor

    Customized comfort. Tough enough for any job. Transmissions with the most efficient power transfer in the industry. More productivity at the touch of a button. Less time spent refueling, more time spent working.

  • Special Machine

  • Asparagus - Model Molly Series - Harvester

    Asparagus - Model Molly Series - Harvester

    Only with the dam Molly can be relaxed during the harvest and dammed again. The same applies to short shoots in the harvest. The dam can store up to 65 cm height can be dammed.Improve the quality of asparagus.In many companies, it comes in the season to poor quality of the asparagus stalks (curved rods, rust) and the famer has no way to improve the dam.

  • Strawberrie Cultivation Machine

    Strawberrie Cultivation Machine

    The Strawberriemachineis a tractor attachment for strawberry-cultivation on single or double hill rows to remove the runners from the strawberry plants. Runners are removed from the plants after harvest as they appear, in order to encourage the plants to put most of their energy into fruit development.It is attached on rear end of the tractor and connected by an hydraulic system. The Erdbeer-Fuchs is driven by a power takeoff with 540 r.p.m. The...