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  • Knotted and Knotless - Raschel Loom - Nets

    Knotted and Knotless - Raschel Loom - Nets

    It cannot be denied that knotless nets are essential for the aquaculture sector. For guaranteed success in the sector, one is required to choose the highest quality nets for the net cages used to keep the fish that has cost you a considerable amount of time and money. We are the sole distributor in Turkey of top-quality Badinotti nets imported from Italy. In the past nine years, so many of the cages used in Turkish waters have been made from these...

  • ARMAPLAST and POLARCIRKEL - HDPE Aquaculture Cage Systems

    ARMAPLAST and POLARCIRKEL - HDPE Aquaculture Cage Systems

    We also represent ARMAPLAST and POLARCIRKEL brand HDPE cage systems in order to meet your demands. HDPE (High Density Polyethelene) is a material that combines high resistance and ultimate flexibility to give you cages so reliable that even during the toughest sea and weather conditions, you can rest assured.

Products by Badinotti Group S.p.A.

  • Aquaculture

  • Badinotti - Model PA - Nylon Net

    Badinotti - Model PA - Nylon Net

    The polyamide net can be manufactured adopting a weaving technology called 'Superknot' granting, under the same title, a higher breaking strength, although, in such a case there is an increase of the weight. In addition to a higher breaking strength, another important characteristic of the “Superknot” is the good retaining in case of holes for net rupture or tearing so avoiding the net unravelling, once cutting is made.

  • Badinotti - Model PES - Polyester Net

    Badinotti - Model PES - Polyester Net

    Due to the high resistance to breaking and UV resistance, polyester is used in production of bird protection nets. High resistant fiber, also suitable for frequent washing in net washer due to its low level of shrinkage. Polyester net can also be supplied with a black bonding treatment to increase the durability performance. Also available in hexagonal mesh. COLOURS: black/white

  • Badinotti - Mixed Nylon + Polyethylene Net

    Badinotti - Mixed Nylon + Polyethylene Net

    Main characteristics of a mixed Nylon + Polyethylene net, combine both the advantage of lightness of polyethylene combined with higher strength and breaking load of polyamide fiber. Such net type is mainly used for fish farming whose sites are generally located in protected areas sheltered from sea waves and strong winds. The blend can help the farmer with high level of fouling growth. The PE presence inside the twine give a sleepery ground to the...

  • Badinotti - Fish Farming Cage Net

    Badinotti - Fish Farming Cage Net

    Due to the ever stricter environmental regulations as well as tendency of costs reduction in production, fish farming current trend is more and more oriented towards the use of bigger off-shore cages. Furthermore, the increased volume of the farming capacity, as well as improving the life conditions of animals, can also increase the quantity of production.

  • Badinotti - Harvesting Net (Sweep Net) for Cage Farming.

    Badinotti - Harvesting Net (Sweep Net) for Cage Farming.

    Badinotti Group can supply ready to use Tailor-made Harvesting Net (sweep net) for cage Farming. Generally produced like a purse seine net model, it can be very useful in the harvesting procedure in cage farming. Equipped with an upper floats-line and a base lead-line. The Dimension should be approx the perimetry of the cage x the net depth+1mt. It can be used together with the grader net like :EzeeGrader

  • Badinotti - Landing Net

    Badinotti - Landing Net

    Badinotti Group can supply ready to use Landing net for harvesting the fish and collect them on board. Made with a strong double ring in Hot dip galvanized steel, it is equipped with a double netting and a sock base net. A special top hook is installed on the top ropes of the landing net in order to provide manually the sock/basket opening with a simply operation.

  • Badinotti - Net Coatings - Antifouling for Fish Farming Nets

    Badinotti - Net Coatings - Antifouling for Fish Farming Nets

    Flexgard antifouling net treatment is available in both water and solvent base. FLEXGARD products are distributed in the following countries and regions: the US, Canada, Chile, Australia, Asia, Cyprus, Middle East, Africa, Northern Europe and Southern Europe. Flexabar Aquatech was the first to introduce waterbase antifoulants Flexgard to the aquaculture and commercial fishing industries. As a major worldwide supplier these registered products have...

  • Fishing

  • Badinotti - Braided and Twisted Twines

    Badinotti - Braided and Twisted Twines

    BADINOTTI twines are well known for quality and consistency at a fair price. Twines are available in a large range styles and colors and are used in a variety of applications. The ranges of products are available with different raw material choices, including nylon, polyester and Polypropylene. Modern equipment for manufacturing equipment allows us to supply 8 or 16 carrier braided twines to wholesale and consumer markets. Our twisted twines are a...

  • Badinotti - PVC Floats

    Badinotti - PVC Floats

    After careful evaluation of the market, BADINOTTI PERU developed a line of PVC floats, providing excellent buoyancy to withstand the most difficult conditions. The specially designed PVC formulas allow the floats to be used even in very large nets used in the Pacific Ocean. Durability and the maintenance of buoyancy over extended periods have made BADINOTTI floats the market leader. Due to constant research and product improvement we have become the...

  • Sport

  • Badinotti - Protective Netting

    Badinotti - Protective Netting

    Security at the workplace and throughout recreation areas has grown significantly in the past years. The laws and the standards recently introduced are more rigorous both in the European Community and in individual Countries. Badinotti's netting is approved to meet the standards for safety nets in the European community. Badinotti protective netting is produced with raschel double front looms. The smooth surface, given the lack of knots, prevents...

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  • AquaSure - Circular Plastic Aquaculture Cages

    AquaSure - Circular Plastic Aquaculture Cages

    Seafarm Systems specialises in circular plastic cages, ranging from 30 metre circumference with 220 metre circumference being the largest to date. Our Aquasure seacages are located in over ten countries around the world. Their construction is designed to flex with the forces of the sea, providing a robust platform with easy access but with increased strength to withstand the rigors of more exposed waters.

  • AquaMoor - Mooring Systems

    AquaMoor - Mooring Systems

    Seafarm Systems has many years of experience in the supply and installation of all types of mooring systems, from aquaculture farms to single boat moorings.

  • Airfoss  - Collection Systems

    Airfoss - Collection Systems

    Airfoss is a complete solution for the collection of dead fish. We offer 2 different collection systems, the S-system which is a specially designed heavy duty system for collection of dead fish from large, deep net cages and a more traditional A-system for collection of dead fish from net cages with small to medium sized nets.

  • Aquatruck  - High Density Polyethylene Boat (HDPE)

    Aquatruck - High Density Polyethylene Boat (HDPE)

    AquaTruck workboats are designed to work in the harshest conditions. The all High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) extrusion welded material is exceptionally strong.  All hulls are fully framed and ribbed providing a strong rigid platform and it is not affected by saltwater, oil or fuel.  It won’t rot, rust or be attacked by marine organisms.  The all black material has UV resistance to give an extended lifetime. With foam filled...

  • Fabricated Plastic Products

    Fabricated Plastic Products

    Seafarm Systems supplies a wide range of stock items for use by the aquaculture industry. Our product lines include:

  • SFS Navaids - Navigation Marking Lights

    SFS Navaids - Navigation Marking Lights

    The Nordlight product range includes marking lights and accessories for marking lights as well as solar panel equipment, light towers, light buoys, GPS-synchronizing, surveillance software and AIS navigation equipment. All the products in the Nordlight series have been developed for navigation around and marking of fish farms. The products are designed to have low maintenance requirements and a long life, and are compliant with the requirements...

Products by Maof Madan

  • MaofMadan - Screw Alevator

    MaofMadan - Screw Alevator

    The Screw Elevator is an electricallydriven machine, used to elevate fish crops from the water level - to assist in fish loading. A hydraulic, controlled system enables Elevator leveling on its site positioning activity.

Products by AquaProcess ApS

  • Feeding Systems

  • AeroSpreader - Feed Broadcasters

    AeroSpreader - Feed Broadcasters

    Hopper capacities from 50 kg to 8000 kg. Can be delivered as stationary, mobile, or trailer mounted. Gas or diesel powered with centrifugal blower. For optimal feed distribution in your farm see the optional options Periscope Feed Head,

  • MiniMax - Automated Feed Delivery System

    MiniMax - Automated Feed Delivery System

    MiniMax  Series Feed Delivery Systems show their farm versatility when ordered as a dual purpose feed pellet broadcaster and a feed pipe feed delivery system to floating Aerite  Feed Spreaders or Aerite  Cyclonic Decelerators for timed feed dispensing.  A specially configured air/feed outlet manifold with quick connect couplers provides speedy feed hose change out between our Periscope Feed Head assembly used on our...

  • AutoSpreader - Model RAS - Fish Feed Pellet Automatic Feeders

    AutoSpreader - Model RAS - Fish Feed Pellet Automatic Feeders

    Fish feed pellet automatic feeders for tank or raceway applications. Centerless auger designed to distribute feed across the entire surface or selected portions of tanks or raceways. Reduce competition with broad-face feed drop. Operator set feed delivery duration and amount using PLC controller. No feed dust.

  • Aerite - Feed Spinner

    Aerite - Feed Spinner

    Engineered to broadcast fish feed pellets 360-degrees, up to 30 meters diameter. Can be placed in a pond, on a barge, or on floats in a cages. 200 kg or 500 kg hopper capacity. Unrestricted feed pellet flow from hopper to spinner outlet. Minimum feed drop distance from hopper outlet to spinner for optimum feed trajectory and spread. Manually adjustable settings for spinner nozzle and feed dispensing auger. Automatic feed dispensing times and...

  • Feed Handling System

    Feed Handling System

    Conveyor or auger driven feed loaders designed for single operator control. Retain best feed pellet integrity with minimum feed handling.