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  • Calf Milk Pasteurizers

  • Large-Frame Calf Milk Pasteurizer

    Large-Frame Calf Milk Pasteurizer

    Recycles waste milk and completely eliminates milk replacer costs resulting in reduced feed costs. Low maintenance. Healthier Calves prevent the spread of disease along with a lower mortality rate lowering veterinary expenses. Custom engineering gives you the highest quality for the lowest cost.

  • Other Products

  • Model GT Series - Bottle Washer

    Model GT Series - Bottle Washer

    Performance is everything in a busy prep room and you depend on reliable wash machines that won't break down.  The KLE-175 upright is a high-quality, attractively priced, low-energy dish machine which is unquestionably the best value in the industry.  The KLE-175 upright is quality engineered and manufactured with field-proven parts and materials.  As a result, you receive uncompromised reliability and exceptional uptime performance,...

  • Holm & Laue - Model HL100 - Automatic Calf Feeders

    Holm & Laue - Model HL100 - Automatic Calf Feeders

    Holm & Laue programmable calf feeders provide whole milk and group feeding, for healthier calves. Stainless Steel Construction, Can feed 100-120 calves with just one unit, Optional second mixer bowl allowing two calves to drink at once, All programmable, Liquid and Powder dosing options, Whole milk delivery option, Automatic CIP system, Rinses feeding tube between each calf, Rugged feeding stall design, RFID TAG or collar tag option

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  • Calf Feeding

  • Model H&L 100 - Automatic Calf Feeding Systems

    Model H&L 100 - Automatic Calf Feeding Systems

    In the past, the primary goal of computerised automatic feeders was to feed as many calves as possible with as little work as possible.
 Today, the technology must also adapt flexibly to changing calf rearing and breeding situations, and, for example, must be able to offer different feeding programmes with different types of feed, of course always adjusted to the individual calf and taking into account the optimum state of health. The H&L...

  • Hygiene Station for Automatic Feeders

    Hygiene Station for Automatic Feeders

    Up to this point, we have learned that the H&L 100 always mixes and prepares a fresh milk diet, at the right temperature, for each individual calf. And of course the H&L 100 automatically cleans all tubes and hoses. However: To date, the area where the calf drinks the milk has been gravely neglected when conventional automatic feeders are used. That is why many veterinarians are concerned that the teats on automatic feeders harbour...

  • Milk Taxi - Bucket Feeding System

    Milk Taxi - Bucket Feeding System

    In 2005, Holm & Laue revolutionised bucket feeding with the invention of the Milk Taxi. Since then, carrying buckets has been a thing of the past, and every calf receives an optimally stirred mixture at the right temperature. Today, useful extras such as the electric drive, the remote-controlled dosing pump, the option to pasteurise and cool, hot water heating and the drenching probe for cows make the Milk Taxi an indispensable tool on modern...

  • Calf Husbandry

  • Igloo - Outdoor Housing Calves

    Igloo - Outdoor Housing Calves

    Today, it is hard to even imagine: 20 years ago there was no option for professionally housing larger groups of calves outdoors, except for expensive calf barns. The breakthrough came with the invention of the H&L Igloo – an innovative system for housing groups of calves in the natural climate outdoors. Today, everyone knows that calves that are housed in groups in the fresh air grow up to be the healthiest and perform the best. An...

  • Igloo Veranda - Natural Climate Outdoor Housing

    Igloo Veranda - Natural Climate Outdoor Housing

    Natural-climate outdoor housing is ideal for calves, and the H&L Igloo is the perfect solution. But the igloo is not complete until it is combined with a roofed exercise area. Whether with a fixed roof or mobile one in the form of the Igloo Veranda, the calves always benefit from optimal access to fresh air while having shelter from inclement weather at the same time. 
And it is not only the calves that appreciate the protected work...