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  • Starters Evaluation Services

    Starters Evaluation Services

    How Protection of New Varieties Works 1.0. Provide list & description of comparison varieties. Arrange test plot & 1 opinion. Arrange test at university evaluation plot. Arrange confidential evaluation by industry/research committee & provide results. Arrange confidential evaluation with opinion-makers & provide results.Arrange for variety to be placed in production research project.

  • Promotion Services

    Promotion Services

    Issue & distribute one press release about new variety, Develop industry ad, Place ad with 5 trade e-newsletters. Develop consumer ad Place ad with 5 consumer e-newsletters Provide samples to garden writers.

  • Marketing Services

    Marketing Services

    Survey industry leaders about variety in pictures Survey consumer reaction to variety Arrange distribution chain.

  • Protection Services

    Protection Services

    Provide sample trialling license. Arrange test site for PBR in Canada. Arrange US patent application. Do Canadian PBR application. Arrange PBR examination. Arrange PBR Renewal. Develop grower license. License growers.Renew grower licenses.