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  • Cereals

  • CS  - Model Camden - Milling Oat

    CS - Model Camden - Milling Oat

    A very high yielding oat with excellent lodging resistance.  Selected through CANTERRA SEEDS’ internal R&PD program. VERY high yields. Shorter stature, with better lodging resistance. Better grain quality than Triactor – higher % plump, less thins, higher beta-glucan. Approved milling variety.

  • Triactor - White Oat

    Triactor - White Oat

    Growing Zone: Suited to all oat-growing zones. Yield: 113% of check* in MB,115% of check** in SK, and 109%*** of check in AB (2011 Provincial Seed Guides). Maturity: Similar to checks, AC Morgan, CDC Dancer and Ronald. Lodging: Very good resistance. Quality:Good kernel characteristics – similar to checks. Higher % plump vs. Ronald. TKW similar to AC Morgan, higher than Ronald and CDC Dancer. Disease Resistance: MR to loose smut & false smut,...

  • Pulses

  • AC - Model Earlystar - Yellow Pea

    AC - Model Earlystar - Yellow Pea

    Yield 111% Cutlass in Saskatchewan. A very early maturing yellow pea. Matures 2 days earlier than Cutlass. Good resistance to pre-harvest lodging.

  • AC Thunderbird - Yellow Semi-Leafless Field Pea

    AC Thunderbird - Yellow Semi-Leafless Field Pea

    Growing Zone:Suited to all pea-growing zones. Yield: 106% of check* in MB and 107% of check in SK and 97% of check in AB (2011 Provincial Seed Guides). Maturity: 1 day later than check. Vine Length: Longer than check. Lodging: Very good resistance. Seed Size: 218g/1000 seeds. Quality: Smooth, round seed shape. Disease Resistance: R to powdery mildew; MS to fusarium wilt; S to mycosphaerella.

  • Canola

  • Model CS2000 - Canola

    Model CS2000 - Canola

    A new GENRR hybrid with excellent yield potential, broad adaptability and the best clubroot resistance available. Competitive with all top hybrids currently on the market. 105% of 45H29¹. Superior lodging resistance to 45H29. Best available clubroot resistance. Resistant to existing pathotypes 2,3,5,6,8. Intermediate resistance to the new 5x pathotype – currently the only hybrid on the market to have shown tolerance to this pathotype. Broad...

  • Canterra - Model 1950 - Canola

    Canterra - Model 1950 - Canola

    MR to blackleg and R to fusarium wilt. Yields 100% of 72-65 RR (2010 and 2011 YieldWorks and Demonstration Trials market.

  • Specialty

  • CDC - Model Neela - Oilseed Flax

    CDC - Model Neela - Oilseed Flax

    A new flax with significant yield improvements. A significant yield improvement over the market leading variety, CDC Bethune. Yield 105% CDC Bethune in Saskatchewan. Excellent quality. Launching fall 2015.

  • Corn

  • A4022RR - Grain Corn 2125 CHU

    A4022RR - Grain Corn 2125 CHU

    Roundup Ready hybrid suitable for early planting; this hybrid provides above and below ground insect control, very rapid finish and drydown. Dent grain with excellent drydown. Higher plant populations will maximize yield potential given fixed ear types. Excellent stalk strength. Performs on all soil types.