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  • Cardinal - Chain Conveyor

    Cardinal - Chain Conveyor

    Length : designed at customer's specifications Width : designed at customer's specifications and based on chain type chosen Trough made of 1/4'' steel plate

  • Cardinal - Chain Bar and Bar-Type Log Turners

    Cardinal - Chain Bar and Bar-Type Log Turners

    Chain bar log turner : Main frame fabricated of 6' ship and car channel. Single #120 roller chain. Chain bar with 1/2 ' thick side bar with tooth guide. Pivot bearing housing made of 2' thick steel plate with spherical insert bearing. Hydraulic motor on chain drive. Two(2) 2' X 10' stroke hydraulic cylinder. Joystick control. Hydraulic power source not included, available seperately at Cardinal. Bar-type log turner : Main frame : 6' channel and 1/2 '...

  • Cardinal - Combined Bull-Edger Outfeed

    Cardinal - Combined Bull-Edger Outfeed

    Standard length 20'. Seven(7) hold-down wheels to handle material 4' or longer. Seven(7) idler rolls mounted directly under hold-down wheels. #60 roller chain drive on hold-down wheel. Jack shaft arrangement to pick-up drive from bull side. Bull side : endless 24' wide belt. 3 HP electric drive. Safety guard made of metal mesh on full lenght. Structure made of HSS tubing : 6'' x 6'' x 1/4''.

  • Cardinal - Drill Shack

    Cardinal - Drill Shack

    Dimensions to your specifications. Tow bar. Floor made of 2' x 8' spruce. Operator’s seat. Diesel fuel tank. Heating oil tank. Roof opening. Ladder and catwalk. Cabinet, shelves, hanger, bench vise. Mud tank. Fire extinguisher, first aid kit. Unit wired for 12 VDC. Lights, circuit breakers and switches. Two(2) 14'' high HSS runners with nine(9) lifting rings. 6X6 HSS cross member on front and back of frame.