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  • Akron - Model E9400D - Grain Bagger

    Akron - Model E9400D - Grain Bagger

    8mm thick heavily reinforced horziontal auger. Heavy-duty frame built with shaped tubes and stamped sheets. High capacity reception hopper. Transmission through a chain and heat-treated gears. Self Adjusting chain tensioner. User-friendly mechanical height adjustment. Power Required: 60HP. Rubber Flap that prevents grain spillage. 'Easy Lift' Cradle System that notably makes it easier to install the grain bag. It minimises the number of required...

  • Model EXG300 - Grain Bag Unloader

    Model EXG300 - Grain Bag Unloader

    Being easy to manipulate and featuring a great unloading performance, the  EXG300 grain bag unloader, has effectively coped with the extraction of grain stored in grain bags. It has an unloading performance of 280 tons/hr. With a heavily reinforced frame, it only requires a 90 HP tractor and just one operator to handle the unloading operation. Roll transmission is achieved through a heavy-duty reduction gearbox and just one chain. The  EXG300 grain bag...