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  • Corn Headers

  • Horizon Star - Model II Series - Corn Header

    Horizon Star - Model II Series - Corn Header

    By constructing the Horizon Star® II it was possible to consequently further improve our uninque and well established corn harvesting technology. For greater productivity and outstanding working quality. Typical Geringhoff characteristics like the highendgear drive system, guarantee low maintenance, great reliability, and excellent durabillity.

  • Grain Headers

  • Vario Star - Grain Header

    Vario Star - Grain Header

    Thanks to the hydraulic table length  adjustment the Vario Star* can cope with even the most difficult of harvest requirements and offers maximum flexibility and short set-up times. The table can be continuously adjusted by 500 mm in the range of 575 to 1075 mm, directly from the driver’s seat.  Thus, an ideal adaptation to the particular requirements is always possible and cumbersome inserting or removing of plates is not...

  • Sunflower Headers

  • SunLite - Sunflower Header

    SunLite - Sunflower Header

    To work successfully and profitably, you need to be able to rely on your technical equipment from beginning to end. That is why the harvesting experts at Geringhoff incorporate technical and economical demands from the field and develop intelligent and user-driven solutions to make every day work easier and more productive. With the row tolerant Sunflower Header SunLite* you have a reliable piece of machinery at your disposal that is built in proven...