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  • Model TC Series - Rear Mower

    Model TC Series - Rear Mower

    Versatility, simplicity and safety are the main features of the TC rear mower. Designed and produced with the most up-to-date technologies and the most advanced construction systems, it is ideal for use with tractors ranging between 12 and 60 HP. Available with cutting widths of 1200, 1500, 1800 and 2350 mm, it can be used for any type of grassy area from fields to golf courses, parks to motorway grass verges, lawns to sports grounds. Four extralarge...

  • Model F series - Front Mower

    Model F series - Front Mower

    The F series front mower, which is available with cutting widths of 1200, 1500, 1800 and 2350 mm, dumping side or rear position, can also be used with 12 to 60 HP tractors. This mower is available in 21 versions with a power takeoff of either 540 or 1000 rpm, although a 2000 rpm PTO can be requested for models F12 - F15 - F18 - F24. All 21 versions are fitted with axially adjustable hitches so that the mower can be attached to any tractor that has a...

  • Multicut  - Lawnmower

    Multicut - Lawnmower

    The MULTICUT has been awarded the European Community certificate of approval and complies fully with EC Machine Directives. Maintenance problems are trimmed to a minimum as the MULTICUT requires no more than the standard cleaning and checking operations for a traditional lawnmower. Since the MULTICUT can be folded each part of the device is easy to access, making maintenance even simpler. Before carrying out maintenance operations, always stop the...

  • Mow & Carry - Compact Mower

    Mow & Carry - Compact Mower

    One machine does it all! Mow & Carry® is the mower that cuts, sucks up, gathers and dumps grass directly in the trailer of a vehicle. Compact and light, fast and safe with any tractor, Mow & Carry® doubles productivity while halving time and costs.

  • Model TC620XS  - Mowers

    Model TC620XS - Mowers

    The TC620XS mowers offer dual functionality in a single machine, with just a few, simple moves being all it  takes to switch between two different kinds of cut: classic grass and brushwood mowing, and mulch-mowing.

  • ATV/QUAD - Model TC - Front and Rear Mowers

    ATV/QUAD - Model TC - Front and Rear Mowers

    Agile, robust and safe on any kind of ground, the TC Special series of Caroni Mowers are the ideal partners of ATV/QUAD models. Designed and realized according to the most recent construction technologies and systems, both in front and rear version, they can guarantee a clean and precise cut, 25 to 100mm (1” to 4” inch) on the whole working width of 1200 or 1500 mm (48” or 59” inch). Other versions can also be realized: with a...

  • Model TL and TM Series - Flail Mowers

    Model TL and TM Series - Flail Mowers

    The tough and simple-to-use TL series, available in versions TL0900 - TL1200 and TL1500, is specialized in cutting grass on any type of terrain. Three rotors can be used: type A for a normal cut, and type F, fitted with twice the number of blades with respect to type A, to give a more accurate and closer cut, and type P, which thanks to the horizontal cutting edge of the blade permits an excellent finish cutting of the grassland. These mowers have...

  • Model FL and FM Series - Light Rotary Tillers

    Model FL and FM Series - Light Rotary Tillers

    The FL series of light rotary tillers, which can be attached to small and medium-sized tractors with 15 to 40 HP, is ideal for use in orchards, vineyards and market gardens. The FM series of tough compact medium-sized rotary tillers, suitable for tractors ranging from 35 to 60 HP, is ideal for small/medium-sized farms. These are relatively light machines which, despite the fact they do not require a great deal of power, are mechanically tough as a...