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  • Mini Loaders

  • PIXY - Model 25T - Mini Loader

    PIXY - Model 25T - Mini Loader

    Dynamic, strong, versatile, compact, reliable: these are the main qualities that PIXY 25 HORSETRACTOR can offer you. It is available with fixed or telescopic boom. This is the ideal multi-purpose machine for daily agricultural, animal breeding, horse stables and small landscape activities.

  • PIXY - Model 35T - Mini Loader

    PIXY - Model 35T - Mini Loader

    When reliability and performance are fundamental then PIXY 35T is the machine for you: 3-cylinder diesel engine with 38 Hp. - 4WD - low center of gravity - articulated chassis - telescopic boom - a reliable auxiliary hydraulic outlet system with 48 l./min. that thanks to the wide range of the attachments allows many different operations. One machine for digging, drilling, collecting and handling goods in total safety and efficiency with an unbeatable...

  • PIXY - Model 41T - Mini Loader

    PIXY - Model 41T - Mini Loader

    Great attention to details, reliability and technical solutions that go beyond any compromise, perfect operational capabilities all 'packed' in one machine ! This leads PIXY 41 'WORKHORSE' to the top of its category because it can excite and satisfy at the same time the most demanding professional users in any working field : from agriculture and livestock, to small building and constructions, to earthmoving, landscaping and/or gardening, to...

  • Attachments

  • Sand Bucket

    Sand Bucket

    Ideal for the collection and / or transport of sand, gravel or similar material, but also for leveling the ground by using it on the reverse side, always easy and safe to use it. Available standard with blade or with forged teethes on request.

  • Grapple Bucket

    Grapple Bucket

    Excellent for the transport of pruning, straw, etc., it can be used also as a normal bucket by keeping the upper-fork always lifted.