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  • Model 1000 & 2000  - Evolution Slurry Separator

    Model 1000 & 2000 - Evolution Slurry Separator

    Made completely in Stainless Steel this Slurry Separator is a best seller, a leader in the market this machine is reliable and easy to maintain.  Manage your slurry and comply to NVZ regulations, solids can be stacked and liquid stored with no stirring required, gives you between 20-40% more storage.

  • Industrial/Milk Dispensing Machine

    Industrial/Milk Dispensing Machine

    Supplied on time and in budget this unit incorporates all welded stainless steel pipelines and inverter controlled pumps for the lowest running costs. This is the seventh large market project that Simon Johnston has led and there have been many after this.We have an excellent track record in designing and installing treatment solutions for industrial wastes from cattle market wastes to...