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  • Chamaecyparis Obtusa - Caespitosa

    Chamaecyparis Obtusa - Caespitosa

    One of the tiniest and slowest growing conifers. Forms a very tight dense bun. 15 cm high x 20 cm wide in 10 years in our nursery/garden.

  • Araucaria Columnaris

    Araucaria Columnaris

    Cook Pine. Native to New Caledonia. Very similar too and often confused with Norfolk Island Pine when young. The habit is narrower and less feathery. Far more suitable in its early years for a town seaside garden. Nearly always leans slightly one way. The habit is narrower because the older branches are lost and new epicormic ones develop on the stem and replace them (this occurs in later life).  In its native habitat Araucaria columnaris shows maximum...