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  • Fly Control for Production Livestock

    Fly Control for Production Livestock

    Nuisance flies can be pervasive and costly to both confined and pasture cattle in North America. Horn flies alone cost North American cattle producers over $1 billion each year. Add face flies, stable flies and even house flies to the mix and you've got a potent threat to cattle production. These disease carrying, biting pests increase cattle stress, lower resistance to illness, and affect feeding to the point of causing fluctuations in weight gain.

  • Greenhouse Products/Nursery Insect Control

    Greenhouse Products/Nursery Insect Control

    Insect pests compromise the livelihoods of countless commercial growers every year. Controlling damaging insects, such as aphids, thrips, mites, whiteflies and fire ants require comprehensive programs to effectively prevent costly infestations. The Wellmark division at Central Life Sciences offers insect growth regulators and adulticides to provide operators the tools they need to help protect their products. The combination of Enstar® AQ...

  • Midge/Filter Fly Control

    Midge/Filter Fly Control

    Filter flies and midge flies often breed in the gelatinous film covering the trickling filters at wastewater treatment plants. Because they cluster in huge numbers, these pests affect facilities, their employees and neighboring communities. Central Life Sciences carries Strike® Professional Midge Control, an insect growth regulator that can be applied without shutting down the wastewater treatment facility. A variety of Strike®...

  • Stored Commodity Insect Control

    Stored Commodity Insect Control

    Stored product pests such as Lesser Grain Borers, Confused Flour Beetles, Saw-toothed Grain Beetles and Indian Meal Moths pose a significant threat to a variety of commodities. Insect infestations can cause contamination, odor and mold, but most importantly, reduce value and overall quality of stored commodities, costing the industry millions. Central Life Sciences offers the DIACON® IGR family of products to help fight stored product pests....

  • Varroa Mite Control

    Varroa Mite Control

    Each year honey bees are an essential part of a $100 million honey industry and are responsible for the pollination of billions of dollars worth of fruit and vegetable crops. Insect threats to honey bees are a serious economic threat to pollination for growers and honey production. To counteract this threat, Central Life Sciences offers Apistan®, an industry standard for Varroa control, and Hivastan® (Sec 18), a contact...