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  • Model TC 250 - Mini Dumper

    Model TC 250 - Mini Dumper

    Mini dumper is fast-it works all day with minimum operator fatigue.At less than28”/700mm wide it will go through the average doorway.Four wheel drive and choice of wheels for remarkable’go any where’capability.Designed to be as easy to steer when loaded as empty.Tips safely and easily straight into a skip with the optional loading ramp

  • Model LD Series - Front End Loader

    Model LD Series - Front End Loader

    Used widely for Loading, grading, grabbing, transporting, clearing debris after storms, transferring soil, gravel and other materials, relocating dead trees, forklift attachment for lifting machinery and transporting hay bales.FRONT END LOADER Quick release Arms design, high lifting, self-leveling for extra safety, quick release bucket for easy use with available attachment, 4 in 1 combined bucket, grating cover bucket, timber grab and bale spike...

  • Model BH6600  - Backhoe

    Model BH6600 - Backhoe

    All heavy duty the console and operator's platform conversion between field/street optional duty buckets feature wear bars and are designed with comfort and operation. Heavy duty teeth for extended life.

  • Model FM-100 - Finishing Mower

    Model FM-100 - Finishing Mower

    Perfect for use when presentation is essential~ideal for work around golf courses~ sporting fields~ parklands~ camping grounds~schools~homesteads and roadsides ~rear discharge for normal use or side discharge option for use in areas where the cuttings need to be thrown clear ~ like under orchards.

  • Model EF-95 - Flail Mower

    Model EF-95 - Flail Mower

    Perfect for use after storms when debris is scattered throughout areas usually maintained with normal mowers ~Multi-purpose machines for mulching sticks ~ ideal for thick grass, sticks~undergrowth and light vine mulching~vegetable & pasture topping ~ roadside maintenance.

  • Deuxe  - Model DS3FT6-D Mode! - Slasher

    Deuxe - Model DS3FT6-D Mode! - Slasher

    Perfect for hobby farms ~ fence-line and wall edge slashing, ~ slashing grasses, small trees and light scrub ~ perfect is rough terrain ~ clearing roadsides ~ creating firebreaks.

  • Model HTL-90 - Rotary Cultivator

    Model HTL-90 - Rotary Cultivator

    Whether you are laying turf around a golf course or growing small crops~the HTL series rotary hoe is perfect for preparing your top soil for planting ~ creates a smooth finish and is perfect for crop and lawn preparation ~ improving productivity~ as well as presentation.

  • Model ATV 120 - Mower

    Model ATV 120 - Mower

    Dimensions(lxwxh) 1760x172gx9o0mm.structure weight 230kgs.cutting width i.i5m.working efficiency 2io0-25o0m2/h.power required 13hp