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  • Forks

  • Model CF0912 and 914HD - Folding Forks

    Model CF0912 and 914HD - Folding Forks

    Re-designed for 2015, the all new Cherry Folding Fork takes the term 'Heavy Duty' to a whole new level. Hydraulic folding wings pivot on a 70mm DIA pin which themselves sit within a 110mm DIA bush. A closed width of 8' provides a safe option for road transport whilst the fork opens out to 12' or 14'  depending on model for maximum productivity in the clamp. Sitting in between the ultra heavy duty mounting brackets, a protection plate prevents...

  • Model CF0 - Buck Rakes Forks

    Model CF0 - Buck Rakes Forks

    Designed for large horsepower tractors, the new CF05 range is built with durability in mind and proves very popular for it's reliability and strength. The large gate push off is built with high grade weldmesh to ensure maximum push, and the 'hollow' back style means a better view of the application is allowed. As standard the Buck Rake comes with Bracket or Three Point Linkage, Flow and Control Valve, and Four Side Tines. The heavy...

  • Model CF01K - Manure/Silage Forks

    Model CF01K - Manure/Silage Forks

    The Cherry Manure/Silage Fork range starts at 4' and goes upto 8'. Although our standard range is below, we can quite easily manufacture something to your specific needs. The fork frame is built with strength in mind with a tough box section 'denture' to take one of the three tine types we offer. We can supply a conus 2 bush to take either to 2 inch round tine or the Kvernaland style tapered tine. Alternatively we can supply the welded hardox...

  • Buckets

  • Model CB - 4 in 1 Buckets

    Model CB - 4 in 1 Buckets

    The Cherry 4 in 1 Bucket is built with tried and tested materials, upon a heavy duty design for use in a variety of applications. Manufactured as standard with 3 wear plates and protected heavy duty rams, serrated edges can also be added free of charge. The Product and can be used as a Bucket, Grader, Clamp and a Digger. As standard, all models are fitted with a double bevel, bolt on, reversible toe plate. Digging teeth...

  • Model CHBB65 - Bag Filling Bucket

    Model CHBB65 - Bag Filling Bucket

    The Cherry Bag Filling Bucket offers a time effective and easy way of filling, moving, stacking and loading bags. For filling material such as sand and gravel, bag hooks are slotted over the hangers on the rear of the bucket and a trap door mechanism allows material to fall freely and acurately. The bucket design, with front wear edge, allows a full bucket load to be achieved before emptying into the bag.

  • Model CB - Digging Buckets

    Model CB - Digging Buckets

    The Cherry Heavy Duty Digging bucket matches the profile and shape of the Rolled Rehandling Bucket but it is built to a much higher specification. Where our standard buckets are made from 5mm plate, this digging bucket is made from 6mm, has full length side gussets, 130 x 12mm heavy duty side stiffeners and extra wear plates on the underside. All models come as standard with a bolt on reversible toe plate. Alternatively, digging teeth can be fitted...

  • Pallet Forks

  • Model CP - Pallet Fork Carriages

    Model CP - Pallet Fork Carriages

    The Cherry Pallet Fork Carriage range is built specifically for the machine they will fit onto, and the tines they will be pick up. The benefit of having a pallet fork carriage is that you can leave your tines on it constantly, a simply drive up to the item and hook it on. Wthout a pallet fork carriage, the tines would have to be manually removed from the heastock everytime another attachment would be needed. Although our pallet fork carriages have a...

  • Model ITA - Pallet Fork Tines

    Model ITA - Pallet Fork Tines

    We offer a massive selection of pallet fork tines for most machines. These will either fit our pallet fork carriages, or your exisitng headstock. We can geet tines rated to your specific needs, or have them specially made if your require something slightly different. As with all pallet fork attachments, the load must never exceed the SWL of the tines, the pallet fork carriage or the lift capacity of the machine.