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  • Feeding Systems

  • Chore-Time - Broiler Feeding System

    Chore-Time - Broiler Feeding System

    The  Revolution Feeding System; Easier, more comfortable eating. More control of feed level. Conserves feed – less feed waste. Reliable and innovative construction. More consistent bird uniformity. Birds get to mature weight in less time. Finish birds heavier or quicker – the choice is yours.

  • Chore-Time - Model H2 - Broiler Feeder

    Chore-Time - Model H2 - Broiler Feeder

    The Chore-Time Model H2™ Broiler Feeding System fills feeder pans high to attract day-old chicks, then adjusts to a low feed level to conserve feed while finishing birds. The available feed chutes and flood collar provide extra versatility for growers who want to fill the pan high, or even over-fill the pan to feed on paper. Grill-less design gives birds easy access to feed and allows young birds to exit pans without restriction. The Model...

  • Drinkers

  • Chore-Time - Watering System

    Chore-Time - Watering System

    If your Chore-Time watering system is getting old or doesn’t perform up to expectations, you probably don’t have to replace the entire watering system. By upgrading to state-of-the-art Ziggity drinkers you will probably achieve significant improvement in bird, litter and product performance, while reducing energy costs.

  • RELIA-FLOW - Nipple Drinkers for Broilers

    RELIA-FLOW - Nipple Drinkers for Broilers

    RELIA-FLOW Nipple Drinking System for Broilers; Precision-machined, stainless steel parts in flow-control area. Drinkers can be triggered from 360°. All parts resist corrosion, and the U.V.-resistant gray PVC pipe blocks light to minimize algae growth. Saddle-to-pipe structure minimizes leaks by using a special assembly process without glue or o-rings. Rigid aluminum support channel also serves as an anti-roost device. Factory-assembled sections...

  • ADVANTI-FLOW - Drinker for Poults

    ADVANTI-FLOW - Drinker for Poults

    ADVANTI-FLOW Drinker for Poults; Featuring RELIA-FLOW Drinker Technology. Poults get off to a good start by drinking from nipple discs and from litter-saving dual catch cups. Birds get plenty of water, and floors stay drier. 'Pockets' in the uniquely designed drinker disc hold water to attract poults and direct water toward birds as they drink. The disc also provides leverage for easier triggering during brood. Innovative dual catch cups have a...

  • Ventilation, Cooling and Heating

  • ENDURA - Model 145-cm (57-Inch) - Fan

    ENDURA - Model 145-cm (57-Inch) - Fan

    Chore-Time's Energy-Efficient ENDURA® Fan could save 14% or more in energy costs compared to Chore-Time's own great-performing 137.2-cm (54-inch) High-Capacity Fan, often while using the same number of fans! . All ENDURA® Fan components were designed by Chore-Time to maximize overall fan efficiency.

  • Nests and Collectors

  • Side Belt Egg Gathering Systems

    Side Belt Egg Gathering Systems

    Nest lids are hinged to facilitate training the hens not to roost in the nests. In the event of a power outage, egg tray covers are hinged for easy access for hand gathering eggs. Installs easily on existing 3.7 m (12-foot) or wider slats.

  • Broiler Colony System

  • STRATA - Model CT-2569/201501 - Broiler Colony System

    STRATA - Model CT-2569/201501 - Broiler Colony System

    Corrosion-proof plastic flooring flexes beneath the birds for greater comfort.  Openings permit easy manure pass-through to the manure belt below. Chore-Time's MODEL C2® PLUS Shallow Feeder is well-known for easy management and excellent feed conversion. Flood feature helps with starting chicks, and pans can be winched up as birds grow.