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  • Cow Headlocks

  • Liberty - Headlock

    Liberty - Headlock

    Developped from a new manufacturing technology, the brand new Liberty 3G is now our European leading headlock.

  • Zephir - Headlock

    Zephir - Headlock

    Same features as the Liberty headlock, no head guard. Can be adapted onto Zephir and Liberty headlocks. Its unique design saves space for more animal places. Simple locking system which widely opens onto the feeding corridor, this 'best seller' system will provide maximum safety to any user.

  • Cow Troughs

  • One Piece Galvanized Trough

    One Piece Galvanized Trough

    Hot galvanization remains one of the most corrosion-proof surface treatments. With increasingly corrosive products being present in slurry, manure and silage, we advise you to coat posts, troughs, etc, with a bituminous paint if they come into contact with the latter.

  • Polyethylene Troughs

    Polyethylene Troughs

    Treated anti UV. Completely silage proof. Internal galvanized strengthener. Galvanized feet, adjustable height. Anti wastage edge. Drain plug.

  • Calves

  • Liberty  - Calf Headlock

    Liberty - Calf Headlock

    Same design as the 3G headlock. It is adapted for up to 6-month calves depending on the breed. Available in 1 m 2 calves up to 5 m 10 calves. Manufactured in diam. 34 and 42 tube.  Ajustable neck size with strengthened shell and 2 pins  No head way through.  2 adjustable end pieces

  • Calf Telescopic Fences

    Calf Telescopic Fences

    They are made of diam. 42 steel tubing for the module and of diam. 34 for the lasert cut enclosing spacers. The end pieces are made of diam. 34 and 25 steel tubing. Available from 0,6 to 5,5 m long. Our range of calf equipments is the most complete one on the market

  • Calf Feeders

    Calf Feeders

    They are made of 20/10th galvanized iron. Heavy duty designed, they make it possible to feed the calves inside or outside the livestock buildings.

  • Calf Hay Racks

    Calf Hay Racks

    0,55 m long x 0,5 m large x 0,45 m high . Weight: 9 kg