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  • Common Yarrow

    Common Yarrow

    Perennial herb with feathery, lance-shaped leaves that are evenly distributed along stem. Flowers clustered, forming flat white top.

  • Rosy pussytoes

    Rosy pussytoes

    Mat-forming perennial with white or grey woolly leaves; attractive foliage through Fall. Common in the high desert of eastern Cascades, extends up in elevation to pine and Douglas fir forests. Often found on dry, rocky alpine ridges.

  • Landscaping plants

    Landscaping plants

    Landscaping plants are readily available at our nursery and are grown primarily in 4-inch, 1-gallon and 2-gallon containers.  Custom orders may be secured via contract.  Plants for landscaping are mature with well-developed root systems.  Many of our plants are drought tolerant and well-adapted to the high desert climate of central Oregon.  Once established, native plants require less water and maintenance than ornamental plants...