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  • Skid Loaders & Utility Tractors

  • Thomas - Model 175 Series - Skid Steer Loader

    Thomas - Model 175 Series - Skid Steer Loader

    If you need power and performance, that's what you'll get with the 175 from Thomas. It begins with a rugged turbo charged Kubota diesel rated at 59.5 hp (44.4 kW). You won't find a rubber band drive system in this loader.

Products by Patz Corporation

  • Choppers

  • Patz - Model 9427 - Portable Choppers

    Patz - Model 9427 - Portable Choppers

    Patented unique, one-piece, four-point, reversible Quadra-Shark® blade is designed for chopping and long life. Available in portable, stationary with bottom discharge, stationary chopper with blower, and 3-point hitch chopper with blower units. Multiple power options – gas, electric, or PTO. Fire extinguisher comes standard on all units. All controls are grouped together for convenient and easy operation. Adjustable, 7-position grate...

  • Belt Conveyors Feeders

  • Patz - Movable Plow-Off Belt Conveyors/Feeders

    Patz - Movable Plow-Off Belt Conveyors/Feeders

    Move feed, wood by-products, recycled materials, separated manure fibers, poultry litter, compost materials, and other bulky materials. Select from one-way or two-way movable plow directing material to multiple locations. Plow-off operation with either one or two-motor drive. Choice of belt widths ranging from 12 inches to 16 inches (305mm to 406mm). Choose from a variety of overall lengths ranging from 20 ft to 200 ft (6.1 m to 60.9 m). Choice of...

  • Gutter Cleaner

  • Patz - Model 400 - Gutter Cleaner

    Patz - Model 400 - Gutter Cleaner

    Meeting your manure handling needs since 1948 . The original hook-and-eye gutter cleaner chain that revolutionized the industry standard. Heat-treated, closed-die forged links maximizes impact toughness. Choice of high or low flites, flite widths, and flite spacing. Standard-duty or heavy-duty reducers available. Through-hardened contact components. For installations with up to 400 ft (122 m) of chain

  • Pumps & Agitators

  • Patz - Piston-Style Pumps

    Patz - Piston-Style Pumps

    Consistently transfers slurry manure long distances – up to 600 ft (183 m)!. Energy efficient – hydraulically or mechanically driven. Manure handling with in-the-barn comfort. Long-lasting, proprietary, oxygen- and ozone-resisting seals (Tundra™ Pro Pump only). Works in conjunction with scrapers, gutter cleaners, skid steers, and shuttle box systems. Up to 180 GPM pumping capacity.

  • Patz - Vertical Pit Pumps

    Patz - Vertical Pit Pumps

    High-volume delivery with fast agitation, transfer, and loading. Adjustable flow rate without damaging the pump. Abrasion-resisting steel used in high wear areas. All stainless steel hardware used below liquid line for long life. Shear plate located close to the impeller helps prevent clogging. Unique seal system protects against bearing contamination for longer life. Designed for maximum service safety, eliminates the need to enter pit. Choice of...

  • Separators

  • Patz - Standard Duty Separators

    Patz - Standard Duty Separators

    Separators are designed to separate the solids from liquid in a wide range of substances such as sludge, sewage, manure, vegetables, food waste/byproducts, paper pulp, and more.

Products by Roto-Mix, LLC

  • Dependable Mixer

    Dependable Mixer

    Progressive dairymen know Roto-Mix delivers a quality feed mix that increases consumption and production levels. A gentle tumbling action mixes fragile flaked, leafed, and high-moisture ingredients without grinding or high pressure feed movement This mixing action results in a fluffier; more palatable ration. The Roto-Mix design combines gentle tumbling with quick complete mixing to save time and improve your bottom line. Roto-Mix has a complete line...

  • Forage Express

    Forage Express

    Fresh Fluff - This means big nutritional advantages for lower cost of gain or increased milk production. ROTO-MIX consistently produces premium quality feed by lifting the ingredients past the lower auger's wedge point, resulting in a fresher, fluffier ration that insures increased consumption. More Leaf - The gentle tumbling action with the ROTO-MIX system mixes fragile ingredients, such as hay leaves, flakes, and high-moisture grain, without causing...

  • Cyclone Vertical Mixers

    Cyclone Vertical Mixers

    From 1105 to 1505 cubic feet that work well with small or large hp tractors. Designed for 180-300 HP tractors. New HDS system automatically adjusts to your tractor’s PTO RPM for best efficiency (on any tractor hp 180 or higher). Two pickup points on each auger. Double flighting moves more material upward with each revolution. Smooth running and less mixer rocking at higher RPM’s.

  • Hay Pro High Roughage

    Hay Pro High Roughage

    Specifically Designed To Meed The Needs Of Today's Dairyman or Cattleman Demanding The Ability To Blend Two Or More Types Of Hay Into A Complete Ration, Or Blend A Ration Consisting Entirely Of Hay & Feed Either Type Of Ration Evenly!!!. Smooth Feed Out Of All Rations. Process All Types of Baled Hay. Loading Heights As Low As 95'. Low Horsepower Requiremen.

  • D-Series


    Oswalt has been defining the standards for feeding equipment. We've built our reputation as industry leaders by leading the way in TMR technology. Our experience, combined with our innovative design, enables Oswalt to continuously offer quality-built, long-lasting TMR auger mixers to the dairy and beef industries.

  • Truck Model Spreader

    Truck Model Spreader

    Simple Open Bar Roller for Belt with Standard Bearings. Simple Tractor Cab Control Panel with Optional Remote Speed Control. Allows “on-the-go” Belt Adjustment and a Stalled Beater Alarm. Bottom, Sides and End Gate Made of High Density Polyethylene. Belt made of 5/16' Thick 350-PSI PVC Material. Solid Steel Frame for Strength Under the High Density Polyethylene Floor and Sides. Beater Assembly is Easily Removed for Stock Piling or Hauling....

  • Trailer Model Spreader

    Trailer Model Spreader

    Simple Open Bar Roller for Belt with Standard Bearings. Simple Tractor Cab Control Panel with Optional Remote Speed Control. Allows “on-the-go” Belt Adjustment and a Stalled Beater Alarm. Bottom, Sides and End Gate Made of High Density Polyethylene. Belt made of 5/16' Thick 350-PSI PVC Material. Solid Steel Frame for Strength Under the High Density Polyethylene Floor and Sides. Beater Assembly is Easily Removed for Stock Piling or Hauling....

Products by Jamesway Farm Equipment

  • Jamesway Manure Application - Non-Steer Manure Tankers

  • Jamesway - Non-Steer Standard Duty Manure Tankers

    Jamesway - Non-Steer Standard Duty Manure Tankers

    Standard Duty Tankers are equipped with 21.5 x 16.1 flotation tires running on 3’’ stress-proof axles and 10, 000 lb hubs. The walking beam suspension smoothly carries the tanker’s weight and distributes just the right load to your tractor. Jamesway SD models are equipped with automotive-style16’’ brake discs and callipers.

  • Jamesway - Non-Steer Heavy Duty Manure Tankers

    Jamesway - Non-Steer Heavy Duty Manure Tankers

    Heavy Duty Tankers are built for the bigger loads. The open-type walking beam is offset 60/40 for proper load balance. The Tanker’s undercarriage uses 4’’ stress-proof axles and 16, 000 lb hubs with a choice of tire sizes: 18.4 x 26, 23.1 x 26 and 28 Lx 26. Jamesway HD models are equipped with the same massive Industrial brakes found on our largest tankers. Excellent for road work, these brakes are dependable and extremely...

  • Manure Application - Steerable Manure Tankers

  • Jamesway Maxx-Trax  - Steerable Manure Tankers

    Jamesway Maxx-Trax - Steerable Manure Tankers

    It’s all about getting the job done fast.  Large farms and custom haulers are always working against the clock so Jamesway MAXX-TRAC spreader tanks deliver maximum performance and minimum downtime.

  • AUTO-TRAC  - Steerable Manure Tankers

    AUTO-TRAC - Steerable Manure Tankers

    We call them 'Farm Duty', and we know that means 'Heavy Duty so AUTO-TRAC Steerable Manure Tankers share many of the features found in our Commercial Series tankers. The full-length independent trailer means that the towing forces are not carried by the tank body...less stress is always good. The tank may be easily repositioned to adjust the hitch load when injectors are added. Fields stay in much better condition as the AUTO-TRAC steering...

  • Jameswa Manure Injection Systems

  • NUTRI-JECTOR - High Speed Manure Injection System

    NUTRI-JECTOR - High Speed Manure Injection System

    Injection protects valuable Nitrogen from burning off and places it right where your crop needs it…in the root zone. You deliver more nutrients while making less odor and the new Jamesway NUTRI-JECTOR™ lets you do this at higher speed and lower horsepower than ever. The adjustable coulter opener in front of the injector shank cuts surface trash and opens the way for the injector knife. The unique injector knife creates a subsurface...

  • Jamesway - Double-Disc Manure Applicator

    Jamesway - Double-Disc Manure Applicator

    The Double-Disc Applicator is your best choice when working in stony ground or in very difficult trash where manure injection may not be possible. Manure is banded on the surface and then covered with soil carried up by the discs to prevent “burn off” of volatile nutrients. The Applicator leaves the manure bands high & dry on ridges instead of in trenches and so also provides superior protection against leaching or manure runoff...

  • Multi-Jet Application System

    Multi-Jet Application System

    Obtain an optimal spread surface with Jamesway Multi-Jet Application System. A larger broadcast covers more surface in less time.Your neighbours will appreciate how much odor is reduced when manure is applied with the Jamesway MULTI-JET™. Broadcast spreading sprays manure into the air, creating fine droplets that promote odor and are prone to wind drift, while the MULTI-JET™ operates at low pressure, dropping manure by gravity...

  • Truck-Mounted Manure Tankers

  • Truck-Mounted Liquid Spreaders

    Truck-Mounted Liquid Spreaders

    Jamesway Truck–Mounted Liquid Manure Spreaders are designed for rugged dependable performance with minimum maintenance. Jamesway’s full line of truck–mounted spreaders are built for the hauling requirements of today’s large farm and custom operators. They are loaded with features that make them convenient to operate and easy to service.

  • Jamesway Prop Manure Agitators

  • Poultry Incubators - Single-Stage and Multi-Stage Incubation Systems

  • Single-Stage Incubators and Hatchers

    Single-Stage Incubators and Hatchers

    The Jamesway Platinum series offers a broad choice of single-stage incubators and hatchers. This enables us to put together a system that meets the requirements of various customers in terms of capacity and dimensions. In addition, the machine is equipped with technology that automatically responds to the embryos’ changing requirements to ensure a good hatching environment.

  • Multi-Stage Incubators and Hatchers

    Multi-Stage Incubators and Hatchers

    When it comes to multi-stage systems, no one delivers more than Jamesway. Since we pioneered the way in multi-stage incubation in 1959, we have fine-tuned and improved our machines to meet modern-day needs. Our machines ensure a high hatch rate, healthy chicks, and an energy-efficient process.

  • Hatchery Accessories

  • Jamesway - Hatchery Disinfectant System

    Jamesway - Hatchery Disinfectant System

    Hatchery Disinfectant System – Increase bio-security in the hatchery. This system automatically executes preprogrammed sanitation procedures based on hatchery conditions, enabling hatchery personnel to eliminate disease-producing microorganisms, thus improving bio-security in the hatchery.

  • Poultry Egg Transport Accessories

  • Egg Flats

    Egg Flats

    Egg flats – Protect eggs against breakage and contamination. Our easy-to-handle egg flats help protect against breakage and contamination from the moment the eggs leave the farm. Egg flats are available in seven capacities to suit specific hatchery requirements: 36, 42, 77, 84, and 168 for chicken; 25, 30, and 60 for turkey and duck.

  • Farm/Incubator Rack

    Farm/Incubator Rack

    Farm/Incubator Rack – Save money, time, and labor. The Farm/Incubator Rack enables the eggs to be loaded onto the rack at the farm. The egg-filled racks are delivered to the hatchery, eliminating the need for manual egg transfer. Next, the eggs can be slid from the Farm Rack to the Incubator Rack by simply sliding the trays from one rack to the other.