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  • Agricultural Machinery

  • CMN - Weed Harrow / Flex Weeder

    CMN - Weed Harrow / Flex Weeder

    With more than 10 years’ experience in the field of mechanical weed control, CMN maskintec A/S is the company with the most comprehensive expertise in this area. CMN maskintec A/S weeder harrows are known under the name CMN flex-weeder and are available in sizes from 1-20 metres. The main rule within mechanical weed control is to controling seed weed by covering it. Therefore, it is important to till the soil as thoroughly as possible, without...

  • CMN - Straw Cultivator

    CMN - Straw Cultivator

    CMN straw cultivator – The efficient solution against seed weed and to activate the germination of waste seeds, as well as an effective distribution and moulding down of cut straw.  Another positive side effect is the reduction of snails. The CMN straw cultivator is available with fixed tines or variable tine-angle, both models are 3-point-hitched implements but can also be used semi-mounted. The...

  • CMN - Couch Grass Killer

    CMN - Couch Grass Killer

    The CMN couch grass killer, your optimum solution for the uprooting of root weeds like couch grass, dock, thistle, and other root weeds. Tufts of grass can be effectively crushed when reallocating old meadows and seed fields. The CMN couch grass killer cuts through the field by means of the tines of the strong stubble harrow, which is equipped with 48 cm wide wing shares. The earth has now been loosened up for a slow-moving pickup that rotates against...

  • CMN - Stubble Seeder

    CMN - Stubble Seeder

    CMN stubble-seeder is a combination of a stubble cultivator and a seed sower for sowing directly onto stubble or ploughed earth. At the same time the cultivator may be used for traditional stubble tillage. The CMN stubble-seeder first cuts through the field with the stubble cultivator’s strong blades equipped with wing shares. The soil is now loosened ready for the hydraulic long finger harrow, which in turn flattens the remaining straw and...

  • CMN - Cultivators

    CMN - Cultivators

    With the CMN cultivator you can handle both the easy and diffucult tasks within cleaning of row crops. The cultivator is available both for front-mounting and rear-mounting og covers any row distance between 20 – 75 cm. By mounting the CMN cultivator onto the cleaner you ensure a more effective drying of the uprooted weeds.

  • Garden/Park Machinery

  • CMN - Trio Cleaner

    CMN - Trio Cleaner

    The CMN trio-cleaner solves problems concerning cleaning of uncultivated areas like footpaths trotting tracks, sports grounds, and gravel-layered areas without use of pesticides. The CMN trio-cleaner in two parts with the hoe section front-mounted and the rake rear-mounted.

  • Lawn-Golf Spring Tine Harrow

    Lawn-Golf Spring Tine Harrow

    Remove moss and dandelions and other types of weed on the green areas with the CMN lawn/golf spring-tine harrow. The CMN lawn/golf spring-tine harrow is equipped with a specially hardened 5 mm double-coiled tine that cuts through to the bottom of the lawn and thus, errects the weed to be cut by the lawn mower. The result is that the grass gets the necessary space to become firmly established and capable of battling the weed. At the same time this...

  • V-Trimmer


    Now hours of hard work with the brush cutter around traffic signs, pales and trees finally is over. CMN V-Trimmer is available in three versions, so to cover just your demand. Common to all models is the fact that they can be mounted on almost any tractor quite easily. Capacity: 80-90 pales or 3-4 km beam barrier pr hour . For further information on V-Trimmer or our other products around mechanical cutting or clean keeping, please feel free to contact...