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  • Compton - Railcar Unloader/Conveyor/Elevator

    Compton - Railcar Unloader/Conveyor/Elevator

    Compton's Railcar Unloader/Conveyor/Elevator provides features that will greatly expand an operation's flexibility, increase productivity and enhance profit making. Companies that need to move products fast, such as, grain, corn, soy beans, feed meal, fertilizer, ash, coal, rock, palletized iron ore, aggregates, cubes, nuts, and woodchips can have increased efficiency immediately.

  • Compton - Slinger/Ship Loading Equipment

    Compton - Slinger/Ship Loading Equipment

    Compton's Jet-Slinger provides capabilities that will greatly increase ship loading speed, flexibility, productivity when handling: Grain, Corn, Soy Beans, Feed Meal, Fertilizer, Ash, Coal, Rock, Palletized Iron Ore, Aggregates, Cubes, Nuts, Coke, Wood Chips and many others.

  • Compton - Side-Mount Shaker

    Compton - Side-Mount Shaker

    The Compton Side-Mount shaker uses an innovative design that allows the head to be mounted on the side of the machine so the operator drives straight down the row and telescopes the head out to each tree and shakes it. The Side-Mount, the fastest production model shakers on the market today. The result is also superior shaking efficiency - no angling towards trees and no backing out once the tree is shaken. Often competetors shakers are backing...