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  • Cow Comfort

  • Brisket Board

    Brisket Board

    The animal is prevented from moving too far forward and getting hurt. Helps to keep the cubicle bed clean as the animal is prevented from soiling the bed.

  • Cubicle Cow Mats

    Cubicle Cow Mats

    We supply a range of quality durable cubicle cow mats; 100% Natural Rubber, Soft “impact bubbles” to give cows ultimate comfort, Heavy and durable 50kgs weight – approximately 5 times heavier than current cow mats on the market, Our mats will not expand, tear or go out of shape due to high tensile strength of rubber, Dimensions 6ft in length by 3 different widths of: 42in (6ft x 3ft 6in)46in (6ft x 3ft 10in), 48in (6ft x...

  • Feeding Barriers

  • Diagonal Feed Barrier

    Diagonal Feed Barrier

    The standard barrier uses 60mm tubular steel on the top and bottom bars. The heavy duty barrier uses 76mm tubular steel on the top and bottom bars. The diagonal Z shape bars are constructed using 42mm tubular steel and designed to reduce ear tag loss. Barriers are supplied with four telescopic adjustable ends to allow for any variance in bay widths. Barriers can be bolted in place or hinged to allow extra movement of animals. The standard 15ft 9in bay...

  • Dividing Gates

  • Calf Creep Gates

    Calf Creep Gates

    Available in 4 Bar and 5 Bar gates. Spring loaded latch locks the sliding gate into position. The opening can be fully closed when a creep area is not required. The calf creep front is suitable for all our adjustable gates.

  • Guillotine Gate

    Guillotine Gate

    The guillotine gate is the perfect dividing gate for inside sheds. The guillotine gate can be quickly and safely opened/closed without the need for swinging room. The main section of the gate is manufactured from 48mm (1in1/2) tubing. The extendable end is 60mm (2in) tubing. The guillotine gate is locked closed with a spring loaded latch on each side. The gate is connected to the counter weights with stainless steel wire rope. The gate is supported by...

  • Cattle Drinkers

  • Tip-Over Drinker

    Tip-Over Drinker

    The tip-over drinker can be manufactured from: Stainless steel, Galvanised steel. The tip-over drinkers are available in two standard sizes: 4ft, 6ft. The 4ft drinker has a capacity of 150 litres (35 gallons). The 6ft drinker has a capacity of 250 litres (55 gallons). The tip-over facility ensures that the drinker can be quickly emptied and cleaned. Other sizes are available on request.

  • Wall Mounted Drinker

    Wall Mounted Drinker

    Wall mounted drinkers are available in: Stainless steel Galvanised steel. The capacity ranges from 150 to 300 litres (35 to 70 gallons). The standard sizes are 4ft, 6ft, 8ft. Other sizes are available on request.