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  • Cow Comfort

  • Dividing Gates

  • 5 Bar Calf Creep Gates

    5 Bar Calf Creep Gates

    Available in 4 Bar and 5 Bar gates Spring loaded latch locks the sliding gate into position The opening can be fully closed when a creep area is not required The calf creep front is suitable for all our adjustable gates

  • Man Escape Open Gate

    Man Escape Open Gate

    Our man escape offers safe and convenient access to cattle pens whilst reducing disruption to animals Available in 4 and 5 Bar

  • Guillotine Gate

    Guillotine Gate

    The guillotine gate is the perfect dividing gate for inside sheds. The guillotine gate can be quickly and safely opened/closed without the need for swinging room. The main section of the gate is manufactured from 48mm (1in1/2) tubing. The extendable end is 60mm (2in) tubing. The guillotine gate is locked closed with a spring loaded latch on each side. The gate is connected to the counter weights with stainless steel wire rope. The gate is supported by...

  • Cattle Drinkers

  • Tip-Over Drinker

    Tip-Over Drinker

    The tip-over drinker can be manufactured from: Stainless steel, Galvanised steel. The tip-over drinkers are available in two standard sizes: 4ft, 6ft. The 4ft drinker has a capacity of 150 litres (35 gallons). The 6ft drinker has a capacity of 250 litres (55 gallons). The tip-over facility ensures that the drinker can be quickly emptied and cleaned. Other sizes are available on request.

  • Wall Mounted Drinker

    Wall Mounted Drinker

    Wall mounted drinkers are available in: Stainless steel Galvanised steel. The capacity ranges from 150 to 300 litres (35 to 70 gallons). The standard sizes are 4ft, 6ft, 8ft. Other sizes are available on request.