Cone Machinery Inc.

Cone Machinery Inc.

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  • Cone - Auto Rotation Log Turner

    Cone - Auto Rotation Log Turner

    Main Frame and Slide Shafts: Cone employs heavy wall square and rectangular steel tubing in the construction of log turner frames. Tubes are extensively braced with plates in all high-stress areas. Mounting pads with leveling screws are provided. Slide shafts are 4' diameter, chrome plated. Slide bushings are long-lasting hard bronze, protected by rod scrapers.

  • Cone - Board Edgers

    Cone - Board Edgers

    Cone Machinery, Inc. makes a complete line of edgers, including chipping edgers, remanufacturing heads, and saw edgers. Any type of edger requires a good infeed table to present the board to the edger. Modern infeed tables are computer controlled, and accurately position boards for the best possible recovery. Cone Machinery infeed tables feature high-speed operation, simplicity of design, and low...

  • Cone - Small Log Machine

    Cone - Small Log Machine

    Cone Machinery offers the best small log processor on the market today. It features Cone's trademark simplicity of design, rugged construction, and low operating and maintenance costs. Where competitors rely on expensive scanning and computer modeling of the log, plus multiple linear positioners, to machine the log, Cone goes the other way - the simpler way. Cone uses multiple press rolls in the infeed module to flatten out any curvature in the log,...

  • Cone - Vertical Edgers

    Cone - Vertical Edgers

    Vertical Edgers come in single and double arbor models, all having a saw arbor standing vertically in the machine frame. Feed rolls and press rolls move the cant through the saws, with the result being a stack of lumber.