Cone Machinery Inc.

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  • Cone - Horizontal Gangs

    Cone - Horizontal Gangs

    Cone Machinery gangs feature horizontal arbors (either one or two), with guided saws spaced along the arbor to make lumber, or a combination of lumber and cants. Saws can be made to shift if desired. Driven bed rolls keep the cants moving through the gang, and press rolls (sometimes driven) are employed to keep cant down on the press rolls.

  • Cone - Saw Sections

    Cone - Saw Sections

    Saw sections are usually located just behind the chipping section. They can remove one or two side boards from each side of the cants as they pass through the module. Cone Machinery, Inc. offers two main saw section models: fixed and shifting. Fixed models have stationary center saws and produce a 4' wide center cant plus two side boards on each side of the cant. Shifting models have saws that are able to move laterally; these machines can produce 4',...

  • Cone - Small Log Machine

    Cone - Small Log Machine

    Cone Machinery offers the best small log processor on the market today. It features Cone's trademark simplicity of design, rugged construction, and low operating and maintenance costs. Where competitors rely on expensive scanning and computer modeling of the log, plus multiple linear positioners, to machine the log, Cone goes the other way - the simpler way. Cone uses multiple press rolls in the infeed module to flatten out any curvature in the log,...