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  • Grain Storage Technologies- Silos

  • Model Terra Dos T3 - Smooth Wall Silos

    Model Terra Dos T3 - Smooth Wall Silos

    Effective grain storage in galvanized smooth silos for outside areas. Riela is one of the leadning manufacturers of big sila plants and supplies the connected technology for drying, cleaning and conveying of grain incl. assembly and building support. Galvanized steel round silos for the outside use offer an effective storage possibility of 50 m³ up to 5.000 m³ each silo. The combination of several single silos offers...

  • Grain Storage Technologies- Drying

  • Model TerraMix - Two-Beam Wing Share Cultivator

    Model TerraMix - Two-Beam Wing Share Cultivator

    The two-beam wing share cultivator can cope with any challenge thrown up during conventional soil cultivation. Its optimum construction ensures blockage-free work, excellent crumbling of the soil and the perfect incorporation of crop residues.

  • Riela  - Stationary Dryer

    Riela - Stationary Dryer

    From the physical point of view, the drying process simply uses the ability of warm air to take up water and transport it.  However, this process becomes more difficult if the many variable factors have to be considered that define the water quantity of particular grains:

  • Cattle Breeding, Poultry Industry and Processing

  • Management and Fattening Equipment

    Management and Fattening Equipment

    Pig- and poultry breeding are promising and fastest growing sectors of agriculture in the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan . We will help you to organize production in the branches of pig- and poultry breeding in a short time as economically as possible, whether it pertains to the modernization of existing production facilities or creating new ones.

  • Poultry Processing Equipment

    Poultry Processing Equipment

    Our equipment range of our suppliers for poultry processing allows us to offer a comprehensive program for both individual machines and components , as well as for whole plants with capacities from 500 to 13,500 broilers per hour, including :

  • Fish Processing System

    Fish Processing System

    We have completed solutions and equipment for the processing of fish and seafood, caught in the ocean and inland freshwater . We offer defrostation- facilities, warehouses for intermediate storage and final product, conveying systems for cutting and portioning , massagers and injectors for marinating , and ice machines for food storage ' on ice' or complex freezing equipment , cameras for smoking and autoclaves for heat treatment of products.

  • Buildings Equipment

    Buildings Equipment

    The success of the processing enterprises is not only their technological equipment , but also the building in which the equipment is placed is very important for the efficient operation of your company . We offer instant industrial buildings of any size and with all the possible accessories. After careful planning stage production buildings are manufactured at own production of our partners ,then shipped and accurately mounted under the guidance of...

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  • Compound Feed Industry - Compound Feed Plants

    Turn-key feed fills and plants for compound feed, shrimp and fish feed, pet food, premix / concentrate, and roughage.

  • KAHL - Model MAH and BWM Series - Batch Mixers

    KAHL - Model MAH and BWM Series - Batch Mixers

    Batch mixers of the construction series MAH and BWM are discontinuous mixers used for homogenising raw materials and the storage of non-freeflowing products. They are supplied as single-shaft or twin-shaft mixers.

  • KAHL - Continuous Mixer for Continuous Mixing of Bulk Products and Liquids

    KAHL - Continuous Mixer for Continuous Mixing of Bulk Products and Liquids

    Our horizontal continuous mixers are high-speed agitator-blade mixers in robust design, in which mealy, granular, fibrous or flaky carrier substances are mixed with liquids free of lumps according to the whirling principle. Several bulk product flows, liquids, and steam can be added simultaneously. The throughput time and the type of whirl formation can be influenced by the adjustment of the agitator blades. Thus the mixing effect can be adapted to...

  • KAHL - Crushing Roller Mill

    KAHL - Crushing Roller Mill

    Using the KAHL crushing roller mill cereals, legumes, oilseeds, and feed mixtures can be crushed efficiently and with a considerably lower expenditure of energy compared to the hammer mill. Our chilled cast iron rollers are available in three sizes.

  • KAHL - Pelleting Presses for Animal Feed

    KAHL - Pelleting Presses for Animal Feed

    Well-Proven for Animal Feed: You and your customers benefit from our long-standing experience with our KAHL pelleting presses. Our machines supply constantly uniform, optimally compacted pellets.

  • KAHL - Annular Gap Expander

    KAHL - Annular Gap Expander

    Outstanding product properties have made the KAHL annular gap expander a success. EXPANDAT® ensures an improved feed conversion and excels by its high quality: Hygienic, biological, structurised, homogeneous. Low dust content. Granuar structure that meets the animals' needs. Excellent flow properties. Quickly soluble in water. Free from pathogenic germs and fungi.

  • KAHL - Extruder OEE

    KAHL - Extruder OEE

    The extruder OEE with an exchangeable and hydraulically adjustable die is an advancement of the KAHL annular gap expander. The user-friendly and flexible plant is available in different sizes.

  • KAHL - High-Capacity Crumblers in Modular Design

    KAHL - High-Capacity Crumblers in Modular Design

    High-Capacity Crumblers in Modular Design; Due to their flat design, the KAHL crumblers can be integrated into existing plants without any problem. The modular design ensures easy roll replacement towards the front or to the side.

  • KAHL - Hydrothermal Reactors System

    KAHL - Hydrothermal Reactors System

    Reliable components of the premix plant: With the KAHL premix plant, also the smallest quantities of individual components can be weighed, proportioned and mixed with high precision. Depending on your demand, the plant is designed for a few or for far more than 20 components enabling you to produce premixes or concentrates according to your formulae.

  • Control and Process Visualisation System

    Control and Process Visualisation System

    Automated operation: Sophisticated machines such as the annular gap expander and the pelleting press require an appropriate control system. For this reason, the ESEP (Electrical control System of the ExPander) and the EAPR (Electrical Automatic system for PResses) have been developed by the company KAHL.

  • Food Industry - Food

    For applications in the food industry, granulation presses (agglomeration by compression) are offered, for example for the manufacture of instant products, as well as extruders for the production of cereals.

  • KAHL - Extruder - Process Technology for the Production of Cereals & Snacks

    KAHL - Extruder - Process Technology for the Production of Cereals & Snacks

    Due to its extreme flexibility, the KAHL single-shaft extruder offers a variety of possible applications, and this at a comparatively moderate investment volume. Flakes or cornflakes, for example, can be produced by means of extrusion or traditional cooking and subsequent flaking. Expanded breakfast cereals or snacks can also be produced without difficulties using the KAHL extruder.

  • KAHL - Protein Shifting System

    KAHL - Protein Shifting System

    A renewable solution; Vegetable proteins from legumes are not only inexpensive, but as renewable raw materials also infinitely available worldwide.