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  • Sawmill

  • Model AC-36 - Hydraulic Sawmill

    Model AC-36 - Hydraulic Sawmill

    The Cook's Accu-Trac 36 Fully Hydraulic Portable Sawmill gives you plenty of reasons why it's the best bandsaw in today's portable sawmill market. The AC-36 was designed for high production as well as being user friendly which is why it is our best selling production sawmill.

  • Model HD3235  - Portable Sawmill

    Model HD3235 - Portable Sawmill

    Save time and money sawing your logs into beautiful slabs of lumber with your own hydraulic sawmill. The HD3235 will hydraulically load, turn, clamp, and saw your logs.  Easy to operate, it comes with the hand held remote box that allows you to freely move around the front of the sawmill to ensure you always have the best view while operating the mill. We have incorporated our heavy duty #120 chain cleated bi-directional log turner for turning...

  • Edgers

  • AccuTrac  - Portable Board Edgers

    AccuTrac - Portable Board Edgers

    Need to trim rough cut lumber? We have the thing for you! Edging boards with a board edger is a highly efficient way to solve your problem. Adding an edger to your operation adds efficiency and production because edgers increase the board ft. yield to increase your profits. By edging on a Board Edger instead of your sawmill you will increase production by a minimum of 35%.  The AC36 Sawmill and AE Board Edger are a perfect match as the sawmill is...

  • Resaws

  • Grade Lumber Resaw

    Grade Lumber Resaw

    For any operation dependent on producing large amounts of wide boards everyday a resaw becomes a necessity. The Grade Lumber Resaw is crucial to your lumber operation due to it's efficiency and speed at which it finishes boards. This Resaw is capable of producing 10,000+ board feet per day!

  • Low Profile Resaw

    Low Profile Resaw

    A resaw is the perfect machine for taking square cants and making boards for pallets. With feed speeds capable of 100+ FPM in 6in. green oak this machine can pay for itself in a hurry.

  • Sharpeners

  • Cat Claw - Sharpener

    Cat Claw - Sharpener

    There are many light duty band saw blade sharpeners being sold in the sawmill industry that physically can't give your band saw blades the precise sharpening, and accuracy of the Cook's Cat Claw™ Sharpener.