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  • Centrifugal Fertilizer Spreaders

  • Cultivator Chisel

    Cultivator Chisel

    The chisel leaves free under the wing a great height that allows him to carry out big depths favoring the accumulation of water in deep earth. When a grill, collides with a great obstacle (like it could be a stone of big dimensions) it jumps up and it returns to the work position, after having overcome the obstacle. The later cylinder allows him that the land is more compact, it also allows easily the regulation in the work height. In works of...

  • Subsoiler


    The rehearsals are the guarantee of effectiveness and quality in our products. The subsoilers Coorepa has been specially designed to work the land in depth.It penetrates in the floor with easiness, because the form of its arms allows that the tractor needs less power to carry out the work. They will also get with it a saving of fuel.

  • Harvesters


    They are many the farmers that for their characteristics of cereal exploitation, they conserve the previously mentioned harvester pattern.          For it, we consider that our professional human team should continue offering a repair service that guarantees the correct operation of the machine, keeping in mind that the abonadoras production is our main activity.