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  • CoPulsation - Milking System

    CoPulsation - Milking System

    The CoPulsation™ Milking System is an innovative pulsation system that consists of pulsators, controlling electronics for power the pulstors, shells, liners and splitter Tees. This product is easily installed and maintained and can replace any existing pulsation system. It is in use on farms ranging in size from small ones with bucket milkers to large parlors milking thousands of animals 24 hours a day. CoPulsation™ is the only humane way...

  • Pulse-Check


    The Pulse-Check Pulsation Analyzer is a simple hand-held pulsation analyzer that analyzes the performance of any brand of pulsator. It is operated with a 9 VDC battery that automatically shuts off when not in use. It has an LCD display that provides the duration of the A, B, C and D phases in milliseconds. It also provides the milk to rest ratio, number of pulses per minute and the pulsation vacuum level.