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  • Sheep Handling Equipment

  • Model 20ft - Standard Handling Race

    Model 20ft - Standard Handling Race

    Cormac 20ft Standard Handling Race This Handling Race consists of Drafting Gate. 4 x 350mm(10ft) Sheeted Sides- providing a race width of 560mm (1ft 10″). 1 x Non Return Gate. 1 x Guillotine Gate. 2 x Footbaths and Sponges 1500mm (5ft) x 540mm. (1ft 9″) x 150mm (6″) high.

  • Sheep Feeding Equipment

  • Model 8ft - Double Sided Lamb Creep Feeder

    Model 8ft - Double Sided Lamb Creep Feeder

    2440mm (8ft) Long x 460mm (1ft 5″) Wide High 650mm (2ft 1.5″).  170kg Hopper Capacity. 24 Feed Spaces.Accomadates approx 80 Lambs. Has a fully adjustable feed ladder on winder mechanism with lift up easy exit side ladders reducing instances of head trapping. Lightweight Galvanised. Easy moved on two 250mm (10″) diameter plastic Wheels

  • Hopper Lamb Creep Feeder

    Hopper Lamb Creep Feeder

    50KG Hopper Capacity. 16 Feed Spaces. Accomadates approx 50 Lambs. Hopper Frame Dimensions 730mm(2ft 5″) x 730mm(2ft 5″).

  • Sheep Housing Equipment

  • Walk Through Sheep Feeders

    Walk Through Sheep Feeders

    The walk through feeders come in 8ft and 10ft long. Ideal for dividing sheep pins Provides a means of feeding concentrates without entering pen.

  • Hook Over Hayracks

    Hook Over Hayracks

    Ideal for indoor feeding. 1830mm (6ft) long x 400mm (1ft 4″) wide x 420mm (1ft 4.5) high. Can be used to feed sheep or cattle.

  • Lambing Equipment

  • Lamb Revival Unit

    Lamb Revival Unit

    This lamb revival unit increases the rate of recovery from hypothermia, stress, surgery and maintains a regular temperture in newborn animals. Contains a fan heater which directs hot air throughout the unit. Thermostatically controlled maintaining a desired temperature. Available in plastic or timber.

  • Cattle Feeding Equipment

  • Tombstone Circular Feeder

    Tombstone Circular Feeder

    Ideal for feeding horned cattle, bullsor horses. Comes in 3 sections to complete feeder. 12 feed spaces. Dimensions: (7ft 6) diameter x (3ft 9″) high x (2ft 2″) wide. Deep weld base.

  • Model 8ft - Calf Creep Feeder

    Model 8ft - Calf Creep Feeder

    400 kg Full width hopper. Adjustable height creep bar. Easy fill hopper with loader bucket or bags. Forklift frame and T.P linkage as standard.