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  • Feed Mixing

  • Multimix - Dairy Feed Mixer

    Multimix - Dairy Feed Mixer

    As with the general  machinery trend in agriculture, modern farmres are looking for lager, labour saving, automatic and reliable machinery to increase efficiency. At Cormall we have developed our Mixers along these same guidelines and can now offer a variety of machines from 12 cubic metre up to a huge 50 cubic metre  capacity. They can then feed out as often as you decide to give regular feed to the cows.

  • Horse Feed Mixer

    Horse Feed Mixer

    With the Cormall multimix you can make a excellent hors feed that can be connected directly to any packing system.

  • Other Products

  • Chain Feeder

    Chain Feeder

    With the Cormall feeding table you can have up to 70 meters of manger equal to 430 cows at 2 eating places per cow with 65 cm per eating place. The feeding table consist of a strong chain with transport bars that bring the diet feed into the cows.  The table can be delivered as a complete unit, mounted in wood frame, or in parts for casting the table in concrete. Leftovers on the table can easily be removed through a outlet or...

Products by Rovibec Agrisolutions Inc.

  • Feeding Robots

  • Rovibec - Model DEC DP - Robotized TMR Distributor

    Rovibec - Model DEC DP - Robotized TMR Distributor

    Meets CE regulations. Directs the robot to loading points (silo, augers, conveyor) and calculates the remaining ingredient quantities in silos. Automatically load the ingredients and adjusts the RTM according to lactation cycle. Distributes the basic TMR ration, grains, supplements, minerals and concentrates on an individual basis for each cow. (Based on chosen program by cow group and/or Park).

  • Feeders

  • Rovibec - Model DEC SR - Feeder System

    Rovibec - Model DEC SR - Feeder System

    Feeds cows in both free style and tie stall barns without human intervention. Load and feed silage or tmr made in a stationary mixer. Serves feed per cow, per group of cows (park). Manages up to 8 ingredients independantly : Basic TMR ration, concentrates, grain and minerals.

  • Rovibec - Model PF 600 - Hay Processor

    Rovibec - Model PF 600 - Hay Processor

    Easy adjustment of fiber length depending your needs. Tub speed and grid adjustable to get prickly fiber of 1 ½ ‘’ to 3‘’ (3,8 to 7,6 cm). Cut bale evenly from beginning to the end. Easy maintenance and blade replacement access. Compatible with most round and squares bales.

  • Mixer

  • Model MX Series - Mixer System

    Model MX Series - Mixer System

    Designed by Rovibec Agrisolutions, this TMR mixer is ideal for the producer looking for top quality mixer that can adapt from a medium to large size herds. This TMR mixer blade will allow you to prepare best quality recipe for your herd. The MX-C TMR mixer equipped with famous Rovibec designed knifes (secured onto inner tub liner) offers cutting fibre with a sharp and even cut without breaking fibre, while performing homogenous mixing.