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  • Vacuum Tanks

  • Cornwall  - Standard Vacuum Tankers

    Cornwall - Standard Vacuum Tankers

    For a superior range of vacuum tanks, you need not look any further than the Conor range. Their exceptional quality and value, matched with the highest standards to ensure long life are unrivalled throughout the agricultural market. Each vacuum tank is produced by skilled workmanship and top quality materials, based on many years of trade knowledge. All Conor tanks are sold mounted to a strong chassis, and are constructed from 6mm thick sheets of...

  • Cornwall - Trailing Shoe Vacuum Tankers

    Cornwall - Trailing Shoe Vacuum Tankers

    Developed from years of research, the Conor Trailing Shoe System combines both practical design and innovative features to offer a unrivalled piece of machinery. The tank itself is manufactured with a robust chassis to allow operation in all types of agricultural terrain, while the trailing shoe and axle are positoned as closely as possible to provide the balance and manueuverability needed in all given situations.

  • Tractors

  • Landini  - Model Series 5 - Tractor

    Landini - Model Series 5 - Tractor

    Landini have updated the 5H Series, reinforcing its reputation as a jack of all trades.The key to the 5 series' success is the excellent modular transmission, with twelve each forward and reverse gears available on the standard model, through three mechanical speed ranges over four synchronised gears, as well as a hydraulically controlled PTO. The Techno and Top models in the range expand on this flexibility, with the optional creep transmission...

  • Machinery

  • Cornwall - Tractor Topper

    Cornwall - Tractor Topper

    Here at Cornish tractors, we are constantly aiming to provide our customers with the best in agricultural machinery. Whether you are buying from used or new, it is essential that the equipment you have chosen is the result of ongoing engineering and testing, perfectly suited to handle whatever job or environment you need it to.Our full range of Conor Tractor Toppers are a perfect example of this. They are not only the result of constant refinement and...