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  • Meal Feed Systems

    Meal Feed Systems

    Farming effectively is not about hoping for luck and good weather. If you do the right things right you will achieve the results you want. Delivery of feed to animals whilst they are being milked, is the most cost effective feeding method in modern dairying. Our systems allow you to control the feed delivery to the animals with precision. Why waste food ?

  • Molasses Injection System

    Molasses Injection System

    We are the First to develop a workable Molasses Injection System into a herringbone shed. This system took COROHAWK three years to develop with trials of systems to define and eliminate faults. It can be added on at any time and fits onto the back of our trays. Mixing tanks gives you the ability to add in minerals, drenches and water ie: 50 -50 mix.

  • Augers


    6.5M in height is the max. delivery for most meal company trucks and once you exceed this you need an infill auger. We have a range of these in stock.