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  • Cultivators

  • Cousins - Model 3m - Patriot Combination Cultivator

    Cousins - Model 3m - Patriot Combination Cultivator

    Farmers are particularly impressed by the hydraulically controlled disc sub-frame that can be adjusted to the desired working depth while on the move. Further flexibility is provided by a turnbuckle enabling the sub-frame’s pitch to be varied so the front gang can be set more or less aggressively than the rear according to the soil conditions.  Not only does it offer effective single pass cultivation for tractors under 200 bhp but also...

  • Cousins - Surface Cultivator

    Cousins - Surface Cultivator

    Cousins’ Surface cultivator is a product of the ongoing ‘i-tillage’ programme with agronomists Hutchinsons. By cultivating the top 50mm of soil it has proven highly effective against black grass and won the IMMA innovation award for cultivation kit at Cereals 2014. The International Manufacturer's Machinery Awards recognise the best new farm equipment on the market and aim to reward companies who have produced machines that show...

  • Cousins - Double Tine

    Cousins - Double Tine

    Cousins of Emneth unveiled their new Double Tine for strip till’ at Lamma 2015, the latest product of their i-tillage project with agronomists Hutchinsons. Building on the success of their Micro Wing, Double Tine has been developed to ensure beet can root freely to depth forming the ideal root shape for ease of complete lifting with no ‘fanging’. The leading Micro Wing penetrates to 75mm with minimal surface disturbance, working a...

  • Packers

  • Cousins - Springboard Levelling System

    Cousins - Springboard Levelling System

    Leading tines, Springboard levelling system and 2 rows of cast rings or razor rings. Simple positive depth/ pitch control; 1050 kg weight per metre (approx); rigid or centre folding formats. Folding models reduce to 2.5m for transport. Leading tines: individually adjusted for depth and pitch to suit soil conditions and work deeper in tractor wheelings. Tines are staggered in 2 rows giving 300mm spacing.

  • Disc Packer

    Disc Packer

    This machine is designed to perform speedy primary or secondary cultivations, with two rows of individually mounted cutaway discs giving overall spacings of 125mm, followed by Razor Rings. Widths: 3m; 4m.

  • Fen Packer

    Fen Packer

    c/w 900mm dia. Steel Rings. Features: Specially designed Fen Packer Rings Made from Steel not Cast Iron. Fully contouring, articulated frame. Designed for use on light black fen soils. Versatile-Use on ploughed work, before or after drilling and for spring rolling emerging crops. Tyre size 400/60-15.5 x 14 ply.

  • Harrow

  • Model 8m - Precision Seedbed Harrow

    Model 8m - Precision Seedbed Harrow

    Cousins have combined a number of their cultivation attachments to produce an effective, single pass seedbed system. The two rows of straight leading tines offer individually depth adjustment for penetration within tractor wheelings. These are followed by a full width, hydraulic Springboard with springing elements. Next comes a 450mm diameter tyre roller which crushes and firms any clods while providing depth control to the forward area of the harrow,...

  • Universal Levelling Harrow

    Universal Levelling Harrow

    Designed and manufactured to make a good, finished, clod-free seedbed for sugar beet, corn, peas etc. at speed and trouble free. The heavy scrubber board carries the hills to the holes and together with the smashing, crushing effect of the heavy steel crossbars a gradual breakdown is achieved. The harrows are available as standard with 80mm cross beam and 22mm (18”) diameter tines or as heavy duty with 100mm cross beam and 25mm (1”)...