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  • Footbaths

  • Jetwash Footbath

    Jetwash Footbath

    The Cowcare Jetwash Footbath is manufactured in high-grade non-corrosive stainless steel through which we pump footbath solution from jets positioned both front and back.  This allows the liquid to cleanse and penetrate the entire hoof, greatly reducing the presence of bacterial infections between the cleats, around the dew claws and the area above the interdigital space. The footbath has an internal reservoir holding around 70 litres and can be...

  • Auto-Flush Walkway

    Auto-Flush Walkway

    Cost efficient automation minimizes manual labour. The integral program enables the user to set up the bath to automatically fill, dose, flush and replenish. This overcomes the risk of poorly maintained footbaths spreading disease from cow to cow.  Reducing the incidences of lameness will have a positive impact on your bottom line. The Auto-Flush Walkway is manufactured from heavy duty, non-corrosive stainless steel, and fitted with our non-slip...

  • Hydro-Flush Sheep Footbath

    Hydro-Flush Sheep Footbath

    With our unique (Patent Pending) Jetting & Filtering system coupled with a Robust Chemical Resistant Stainless Steel construction we have a positive answer to these questions. The Pump & Jetting system delivers flushing liquid from each end of the foot bath exiting in the centre.  This liquid including the contaminants exit the treatment zone and drops onto the filter area leaving the dung and bedding material on top of the mesh. ...

  • Slurry Scrapers

  • Rope Scraper

    Rope Scraper

    The Cowcare Rope Scraper, introduced to the UK market in 1998 remains No.1 in both UK sales and reliability. This simple yet highly robust installation, features two drive units per system, powered by 0.55kw geared motors.  The heart of the system is our specially formulated Ultra-Glide rope. Even after all these years, no other rope has been proven to out-perform our Ultra-Glide rope.

  • Titan Rope Scraper

    Titan Rope Scraper

    The Cowcare Titan Rope Scraper was introduced as a result of increased passage lengths in the modern dairy unit.  Designed and engineered for performance, the Titan Rope Scraper system is capable of up to four passages per system, and passage lengths in excess of 200m. The built in Opti-sense is the most advanced scraper safety system, resulting in unrivalled protection for livestock in the building, and accurate stopping of the system. Highly...

  • Trojan Scraper for Sand Bedding Installations

    Trojan Scraper for Sand Bedding Installations

    For over 10 years we have avoided sand installations, due to the documented high failure rate of Chain and Hydraulic systems in this application.  In 2009 we carried out a R&D project to assess the viability of creating the first UK built system, designed primarily for sand. The result of this R&D was the introduction of the Trojan Sand System. Our main remit was to create a simple yet hard-wearing system that can be maintained by the...

  • Robotic Scraper

    Robotic Scraper

    SRone is a scraper robot designed specially to clean slatted floors. It pushes and scrapes tirelessly, easily traversing long passageways and connecting walkways aswell as getting into corners and edges to ensure clean, slurry-free surfaces. This reduces the risk of infection, guarding against hoof diseases and mastitis, and generally promoting the health of the animals. The SRone moves noiselessly between the animals without causing any agitation. In...

  • Seperation

  • Green Bedding

    Green Bedding

    FAN Separator GmbH, a subsidiary of  Bauer, develops innovative solutions in separator design. To meet this specific market, FAN has launched the “Green Bedding” separator. “Green Bedding” is used in the US and numerous EEC countries and is currently enjoying a growth in popularity and importance. It’s been proven over the past few years that the green bedding process does not negatively influence cell count or...