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  • Agricultural- Harvesting

  • Reel System

    Reel System

    Crary is the only company that can offer you a complete reel system, equipped with high velocity air! We've been developing our air systems for more than 20 years, which means at Crary 'We definitely know Air flow'.  We also know, that the most efficient thrashing comes from an evenly fed harvester.  A constant, even flow of material in, leads to the most efficient grain separation.  Poor feeding, bunching at the cutter bar...

  • Wind System

    Wind System

    Changing weather patterns, high winds or a dry growing season can really take its toll on your yield potential.  Do not let short, weather damaged or late season harvesting cause even more yield loss by poor feeding or shattering at the cutter bar. Maximize your crops potential by adding Crary Wind System (CWS) to your header.  By adding a CWS, you can continue using your factory reel while experiencing the profit saving benefits of adding a...

  • Potato Equipment- Planting

  • Lockwood  - Belted Cup Planters

    Lockwood - Belted Cup Planters

    The right combination of value, quality and durability. Getting the features you expect at a price you can afford. Rely on the accuracy of our new belted cup planters!

  • Lockwood  - Pick Planters

    Lockwood - Pick Planters

    Accuracy and seed spacing are the standard in achieving high yielding stands.  Include Lockwood's dependability and unsurpassed ground speed and you have crafted a higher level of productivity.

  • Lockwood  - Air Cup Planters

    Lockwood - Air Cup Planters

    Lockwood's Air Cup Planter is faster, more dependable and delivers seed spacing like you planted each seed by hand.

  • Potato Equipment- Windrowing

  • Lockwood  - Model 554 XTS  - Windrower

    Lockwood - Model 554 XTS - Windrower

    The extended cleaning table along with the longer frame are the perfect formula for better cleaning.  Capable of fitting a full width star table or stone table in the secondary.

  • Lockwood  - Model 552 & 554 - Windrower

    Lockwood - Model 552 & 554 - Windrower

    Save both time and money utilizing Lockwood's superior separation capabilities!  Use less horsepower and increase your harvesting capacity while minimizing your fleet costs.

  • Potato Equipment- Harvesting

  • Lockwood - Model 472  - Air Harvester

    Lockwood - Model 472 - Air Harvester

    This high-capacity harvester is able to handle high volumes of potatoes while maintaining minimal bruising.  Combined with Lockwood's efficient rock removal system, this machine is sure to increase profits.