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  • Spillways

  • Spillway Square Chain

    Spillway Square Chain

    ideal complement scrapers CRD, the spillway square chain receives manure output barn. A lift, swivel or fixed, with a length of 6, 8, 10 or 12 meters, automatically routes the manure over the area storage.

  • Spillway Vane

    Spillway Vane

    HYDRAULIC DRIVE: ideal complement scrapers CRD, the spillway paddle back and forth receives manure output barn. An adjustable lift carries automatically the manure storage area.

  • Pumps - Pumps for Manure

  • Slurry Pumps

    Slurry Pumps

    CTS pumps have an innovative grinding system. Positioned in front of the vacuum rotor, a pin fixed disk with sharp profiles cut the material passing between knives and against-couteaux.Les hydraulic components (wheel and pump bodies) have been specially designed for large passage sections and high yields. The electric motor is designed to run dry, protected against liquid penetration by two mechanical seals,...

  • Mixers

  • Long Shaft Mixer

    Long Shaft Mixer

    ITD electric mixers are designed for mixing, homogenizing and stirring liquids with Technical mastery, the combination of materials used and the use of self-cleaning profile propellers are a guarantee of durability and efficiency, even in extreme conditions.

  • Racleurs

  • Hydraulic Scraper

    Hydraulic Scraper

    The hydraulic scraper CRD , automatic mechanical reversing, fits in all stables for dairy or beef. It fits in either a groove or directly on existing masonry without specific planning.

  • Square Chain

    Square Chain

    The scraper chain CRD easily adapts to all stables configurations. Its simple operation and low power consumption are very popular with breeders benefits.