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  • Scraper

  • Hydraulic Scraper

    Hydraulic Scraper

    The hydraulic scraper easily adapts to all cattle farms. It operates manually or by automatic programming.  It is installed either in a groove, or directly on existing masonry without specific development.

  • Evacuators

  • Hydraulic Drive Spillway Pallets

    Hydraulic Drive Spillway Pallets

    The pallet spillway back and forth and lift claws, ideal complement scrapers CRD. The vane evacuator receives the manure output stall and takes to the management area of the claws elevator. This mounts the dung heap for a long-term storage. The paddles are fixed to a shaft to the drive rod with anti-recovery system. This bar is driven by a hydraulic cylinder, which can be...

  • Mixers

  • Model ITD - Long Tree Electric Mixers

    Model ITD - Long Tree Electric Mixers

    The ITD electric mixers are designed for mixing, homogenising and agitating the slurry. Technical mastery, the combination of materials used and the use of propellers with self-cleaning profile are a guarantee of solidity and efficiency, even in extreme conditions.