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  • Potting Robot Machines

    Potting Robot Machines

    The crea-tech potting robot is designed with years of experience with x-y robots. That experience and the flexibility of the design makes it possible to customize the robot to the specific demands of the user. The quick and easy fork change and the servo controlled miter makes a pot size change very easy. The pinch protection will protect the plants, the robot itself and most important the people who works with this machine. The industrial parts and...

  • Compact Potrobot Container Processing System

    Compact Potrobot Container Processing System

    The compact potrobot is a servo-controlled pot robot, which can be perfectly applied to place pot plants in a container processing system. The compact potrobot is equipped with a gantry© system consists out of 3 linear axes. These axes are driven by servo motors, which very  well-controlled movements can be made with the robot arm.The development of this potrobot is based on many years practical experience and is therefore applicable to a...

  • Kalanchoe - Sleeve Machine

    Kalanchoe - Sleeve Machine

    Crea-Tech international installed  at the Company Knud Jepsen ( Denemark) several special machines to sleeve Kalanchoe plants.The plants had to be provide with a barcode label, which had to be printed at the same time , and the plants had to be placed in different types of trays. This was a real challenge!

  • Sleeve Label Unit

    Sleeve Label Unit

    Crea-tech international Sleeve turner/ labelunit. Sleeves are prelabeld, no risk in systems,every label on the exact place.

  • Potplant Mixingline Machine

    Potplant Mixingline Machine

    This potplant mixingline, is produced by  Crea-tech international  several successful times in different types.

  • Tray Stacker Machine

    Tray Stacker Machine

    This machine is designed for many types of trays to destack. To increase the machine's versatility is also an adjustable version that is capable without the neces two different trays for stacking. For tray destacking is a band that piles of trays can be buffered. The tray destacking has an automatic entry for the stack of trays one by one after which he destacking.

  • Multi Cart Filler

    Multi Cart Filler

    Very flexible. The trays in different patterns. In all Danish and auction carts. Pre programmable. Industrial quality. Low noise. User Friendly. Ergonomic

  • Flower Sleeve Machine

    Flower Sleeve Machine

    Mono bouquets from fresia's, roses, tulips, chrysantimums etc. Mixed bouquets. Different sleeve sizes.  Up to 2200 bouquets per hour.

  • Stand Alone Taper

    Stand Alone Taper

    Stand alone tape unit fits behind any type of flowerline. Laboursaving. Very short return on investment time . Flowerfood sachet dispenser .  Flowerfood attaching unit