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  • CreveTec - Low Salinity Premix for Shrimp

    CreveTec - Low Salinity Premix for Shrimp

    In cooperation with Prayon, CreveTec has developed a special mineral premix for the culture of shrimp in low salinity (see info) The inclusion of this premix in feeds for shrimp provides the shrimp with the essential minerals which they can't absorb from the pond water.

  • CreveTec - Bombyx Proteins

    CreveTec - Bombyx Proteins

    Together with Seidecosa, CreveTec has developped Bombyx proteins, a raw material for aquafeeds, based on silkworm pupae.

  • CreveTec - Soft Extrusion

    CreveTec - Soft Extrusion

    Soft extrusion is combination of different techniques. Pellets are produced with a forming extruder and than dried. During the extrusion raw materials are not heated above 80°C. The water stability of the pellet is formed by a combination of cooking the starch and coagulation of proteins. Fresh non-coagulated proteins can be mixed before extrusion. The low temperature processing and utilization of non-coagulated proteins favors the...

  • CreveTec - Feeds Pallets

    CreveTec - Feeds Pallets

    CreveTec can supply complete feeds for crustaceans (vannamei, monodon, japonicus, macrobrachium, crayfish, ornamental shrimp, lobster): Hatchery feeds for culture of shrimp larvae (from Zoea till PL12). Starter feeds for culture of shrimp (from PL10 till 2 g). Feeds for intensive culture of vannamei. Broodstock feeds for shrimp. Feeds for European Sole. Other feeds can be produced on demand.