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  • Model K - Chain Conveyor

    Model K - Chain Conveyor

    Crocus’ Chain Conveyor is designed for the horizontal transport of cereals, granulates and/or meal products. The chain conveyor consists of a drive terminal, a tension terminal and a number of extension sections. The chain runs in a closed plate-steel trough between the drive terminal and the tensioning terminal. See “Technical data” for details.

  • Model E - Bucket Elevator

    Model E - Bucket Elevator

    Crocus’ Bucket Elevator is designed for the vertical transport of cereals, granulates and/or meal products. The elevator consists of a top section with drive-motor, an elevator footing where the belt can be tensioned and two vertical shafts. Grain is transported up one vertical shaft in buckets and the empty buckets returned down the second shaft.

  • Screw Auger

    Screw Auger

    The Crocus screw auger is designed for the horizontal transport of meal products, pellets etc. A screw auger consists of a drive section and a number of extension sections. The screw transports raw material along a closed plate-steel trough. See “Technical data” for details.

  • Model CCS & CCR - Counterflow Cooler

    Model CCS & CCR - Counterflow Cooler

    The Crocus Counterflow Cooler is designed to cool and dry extruded and heat-treated feed and pellets. The Cooler is available in two designs for flexibility of installation. The square cooler can be supplied with an inlet capacity of up to 60 tons/hour and the round cooler up to 40 tons/ hour. A relatively low aerodynamic resistance (due to the design of the discharge section) ensures a relatively low energy consumption. The cooler can be equipped...

  • Grain Dryer

    Grain Dryer

    The Crocus Grain Dryer is designed for drying cereals and oil seeds. The dryer has a modular design and is available in five standard models with a variable number of sections dependant upon capacity. Each dryer consists of a pre-hopper, a number of drying and cooling sections and a discharge section. How these sections are combined determines capacity. Drying and cooling zones may be regulated with vents according to individual needs. All Crocus...

  • Steel Silos

    Steel Silos

    Crocus steel silos are manufactured in a square design for storage of grain and meal products. Silos are designed for the individual client for storageof raw-materials, dosage and discharge silos etc.

  • Rotary Oven

    Rotary Oven

    The Crocus rotary oven is designed to dry and toast soya beans, pulses, oilseeds and cereals. The Rotary oven is designed with a rotating process chamber where raw materials are exposed to infra-red radiation which efficiently breaks down complex starches and transforms proteins. The end-product is used as raw-materials and components in consumer products and animal feed. End-products are easily digested and have a high nutritional value. See...