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  • Seed Handling

  • Model 160/240 - Seed Tenders - Bulk Seed Delivery System

    Model 160/240 - Seed Tenders - Bulk Seed Delivery System

    Bulk seed delivery system seed tenders are available with the optional telescoping conveyor on both the 240 and 160 bushel capacity models. Telescoping conveyors can be adjusted between 14' and 22' and pivots 180° to reach hoppers and boxes on drills and planters. Tenders come with two compartments. The conveyors are a 8' belt inside a 6' tube for the most preferred method for bulk seed handling. 100% clean out for no cross contamination. Equipped...

  • Seed Box Totes

    Seed Box Totes

    Available with optional telescoping conveyor and standard rubber lined spout. The 2-Box Seed Tote with 12' 3-piece telescoping downspout and its 180° horizontal travel can easily fill 40' planters in the field. The most important aspect of a CrustBuster / Speed King seed box tote or seed tender is that they all use Speed King belt systems that are gentle with seed. The 2-Box Tote uses a crescent belt that gently carries the seed. Belt speeds are...

  • Grain Carts

  • Model 850 & 1075 - Grain Carts

    Model 850 & 1075 - Grain Carts

    Choice of red or green paint. Computer balanced  8' auger. Lower profile. Front corner auger for great driver visibility. Gear box consists of two-piece housing, large gears, and extra support bearing. Adjustable axle. Lower drive bushing with stainless steel insert. Heavy main frame tubing. Deluxe light kit. Swivel tongue.

  • Bushel - Model 1325 - Grain Carts

    Bushel - Model 1325 - Grain Carts

    More capacity and faster unloading speeds make the new CrustBuster / Speed King Inc. Grain Cart an essential part of harvest operations. Equipped with a 22' computer balanced auger with 5/16' flighting, the unloading speed is 50% faster than smaller grain carts with 18' or smaller augers. The 1325 auger is equipped with a standard adjustable spout to allow better control during unloading. The cart comes standard with a tandem axle that will go down...

  • Material Handling

  • Field Loader

    Field Loader

    Overall length 37' 7'. Overall width 8'. Transport height 12'. Discharge height standard 12' 9'. Discharge height optional 13' 6'. Belt width 24'. Fertilizer up to 180 tons per hour. Hopper width 3' 3'. Hopper height 6'. Hopper length 7'. Honda® 13 hp electric start motor. Centrifugal clutch. Max. belt speed 900fpm. Min. belt speed 550fpm

  • Fertilizer Blenders

    Fertilizer Blenders

    The secret to the Speed King Vertical Screw Blender is the large diameter tapered mixing screw. It gently, but quickly draws material into the mixing vessel from the load hopper. No feeder screw is required. Each flight of the tapered screw is gently moving material into a downward flow, creating a very intense, fast and complete mixing action as it virtually eliminates product degradation.

  • Multi-Purpose Loader

    Multi-Purpose Loader

    12' PVC Crescent style belt. Capacities up to 6,000 bushels per hour. Available in either electric or hydraulic drive. Perfect for unloading trucks. Discharge height 32'. Overall length 20' 6'. Great maneuverability. Rubber cushion hopper top. Hopper height 13' without rubber top.

  • No-Till Drills of Choice

  • Model 4560 60 - Central Fill No-Till Drill

    Model 4560 60 - Central Fill No-Till Drill

    Central fill.60' Drill width.12' Road width, easy fold.Proven All-Plant Parallel Linkage double disk openers.200 Bushel single-compartment tank.Pressurized tank with low hopper sensor.ISO compatible variable rate.Drills grain or applies fertilizer. Available in 7 1/2' and 10' spacing