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  • Tandem Dual Trailers

    Tandem Dual Trailers

    Customize a new tandem dual trailer with Custom Built Gooseneck Trailers in Sulphur Springs, Texas. Our custom tandem dual trailers range in length from 25′ to 48′ and have two sets of axles allowing them to have a higher weight capacity than a single axle. They are also equipped with extra tires to help handle more weight and keep the trailer stable at higher speeds. We take extra special care in building our tandem dual...

  • Pintle Hitch Trailers

    Pintle Hitch Trailers

    Lengths : 25 feet to 50 feet. Frame : Pierced 102 inch tandem dual frame. Toolbox : Lockable lid on chain basket & water tight toolbox. Jacks : 2 speed jacks. Warranty : Lifetime warranty on workmanship of the trailer. Other Options : Color of your choice, spare tire & wheel, vacuum over hydraulics, air brakes, 3rd ramp with springs, torque pipe.

  • Hot Shot Trailer

    Hot Shot Trailer

    WE can build whatever you need in a trailer and it won't break your wallet. We have built trailers for NASA, Haliburton, Texas A & M, Agriculture Industries, Hot Shotters, Oilfield Industries to name a few. So give us a call on your Custom Trailer we'll help you design your trailer and get it built to your specification.

  • Tilt Deck Trailer

    Tilt Deck Trailer

    Flooring : P/T pine decking or oak flooring. Axles : Dexter E-Z Lube™ axles (4 inch drop) (oil bath on 8 ton) . Toolbox : Lockable lid toolbox. Stake Pockets : 8 stake pockets on trailer. Brakes : Electric brakes – 2 axles. Lights : LED lights – rubber mounted. Wiring : Sealed wiring harness. Jacks : 7K bolt-on drop-leg jack. Suspension : Slipper spring suspension. Warranty : Lifetime warranty on workmanship of the trailer. Other...

  • Oilfield Trailer

    Oilfield Trailer

    Lengths : 53 feet to 56 feet. Deck Height : 34 inch or 40 inch. Tires : 17.5 inch or 22.5 inch. Toolbox & Storage : Optional side mount toolbox . Cross Members : Manufactured with more welds in the cross members to handle twisting and turning when traveling off road. D.O.T Legal : Equipped with: safety chains, electric breakaway, mud flaps & reflective tape. Warranty : Lifetime warr..anty on workmanship of the trailer.