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  • Tandem Dual Trailers

    Tandem Dual Trailers

    2 10k Oil Bath Dexter Axles (brakes on both). 96' or 102' Outside Rub Rail to Outside Rub Rail. Stake Pockets On 18'. Choice of Colors. 5' Dove. 2 Heavy Duty Solid Sided Ramps. Deck Level When Folded Up Spring Loaded. 10 Ply Radials. Wolmanized Floor. 19# PER FT. 12' Beam Main Frame. 3' Channel Cross Members On 18' Center. Self Cleaning Dove (2x2 angle). Chain Basket on Front of Trailer. Double 15,000# Double Coupler. Long Equalizer (axles on 48'...

  • Pintle Hitch Trailers

    Pintle Hitch Trailers

    Lengths: 25' to 50'. Types Standard 96' Tandem Dual. Pierced 102' Tandem Dual. Options: 3rd Ramp w/ Springs. Lockable Lid on Chain Basket. Water Tight Tool Box. 2 Speed Jacks. Spare Tire and Wheel. Vacuum Over Hydraulics. Air Brakes. Torque Pipe. Other Options Available, See Dealer.

  • Custom Trailers

    Custom Trailers

    WE can build whatever you need in a trailer and it won't break your wallet. We have built trailers for NASA, Haliburton, Texas A & M, Agriculture Industries, Hot Shotters, Oilfield Industries to name a few. So give us a call on your Custom Trailer we'll help you design your trailer and get it built to your specification.