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  • Laser Guided Grading Blade

  • LOG - Swivelling Grading Blade

    LOG - Swivelling Grading Blade

    These machines work in manual mode using a joystick or in automatic mode using a laser reference. In the latter case, guidance is assured either using a central laser receiver (elevation correction only), or using two side receivers installed on each side of the blade body (elevation and inclination correction).The hydraulic system is connected to the pump of the tractor engine whatever the system type installed on the tractor. This may be an open or...

  • Vibrating Plate

  • Vibrating Plate

    Vibrating Plate

    Vibrating plates can be fitted to the front or rear of a tractor, on a loader, a hydraulic shovel, a grader or a compactor. The independent mounting of the pads so that they are free to move means they can be adapted to the profile of the surface to be compacted. As an option the system can be mounted on a chassis of 350 mm on each side.The vibrating plates ensure dynamic compacting up to 50 cm depth.

  • Stone Removal

  • Non-Stop Chisel Ploughs With Sprung Blades

    Non-Stop Chisel Ploughs With Sprung Blades

    D. GUTZWILLER offers non-stop chisel ploughs with sprung blades. These extremely robust scarifying tools are intended for: Loosening work down to considerable depths. Deep track scarification. Soil scarification prior to crushing. Preparation or mixing work in respect of soil treatment. Pulling up of stones.

  • Forestry Dozer

  • Model MJ - Forestry Dozer

    Model MJ - Forestry Dozer

    The MJ is designed for a working width of 1.40 to 2.30 m (depending on the model). It is equipped with single or double transmission via a double chain, dependent on the tractor power and a rear roller.  The 1.40 m machines are ideal for micro-tractors. The MJ-STH shredder is a derivation of the MJ with a hydraulic drive and a fast coupling depending on the carrier engine, ideally for the skidder or loader. The low pressure hydraulic motor is...

  • Model MJS - Forestry Dozer

    Model MJS - Forestry Dozer

    The MJS type is a machine with a working width of 1 m to 2.5 m equipped with a triplex chain transmission (model MJS-DT) or a cascade pinion transmission (MJS-TG). This characteristic makes the machine ideal for medium to high power tractors.

  • Model MJH - Forestry Dozer

    Model MJH - Forestry Dozer

    The MJH type is a machine of width 1.2 m to 2.8 m. This machine was designed for high power tractors and for work at a depth of 35 cm. It is equipped with a dual transmission with cascade pinion gearing and a unique design overload limiter.