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  • Sheep Feeder

  • Mowers

  • Snacker - Model SF350 - Sheep Feeder

    Snacker - Model SF350 - Sheep Feeder

    The Snacker Sheep Feeder is the accepted professional way to feed sheep outside. The adjustable feed dispenser drops feed in heaps of between .5kgs to 2kgs at regular intervals. This method eliminates pushing and shoving, encouraging shy feeders and making life more pleasant for the sheep. It has no electrics, and a simple ball hitch attachment enables easy changing of towing vehicle. With no troughs to move, the feeding site can easily be altered to...

  • Drum Mower

    Drum Mower

    Ideal for cutting hay & rough grass areas. L1000 1.00m 16hp, L1150 1.15m 24hp, L1350 1.35m 35hp. Folds up for road transport.

  • Finishing Mower

    Finishing Mower

    Suitable for cutting semi lawn areas;  3 blade rotors, belt driven, depth control by 4 pneumatic wheels adjusted by spacers or optional rear roller. Height of cut 25-100mm.

  • Flail Mowers

    Flail Mowers

    Optional extras: manual or hydraulic sliding headstock; hammer blades in lieu of standard blades.

  • Topper Mower

    Topper Mower

    Single blade rotor with swinging blade tips; floating top link; PTO shear bolt protected; height of cut adjusted by side skid 25-100mm.

  • Rotary Topper

  • Model TT1220 - Self-Powered Rotary Topper

    Model TT1220 - Self-Powered Rotary Topper

    Heavy duty engine driven topper. Designed for towing behind ATV or 4x4. Strong enough for topping and scrub cutting. Parallel carrying frame with 4 wheels eliminates any weight on tow vehicle and allows topper to follow the contours of the land.

  • Road Legal Trailers

  • D W Tomlin - Model 2060HT - Fully Galvanised Stock Trailers

    D W Tomlin - Model 2060HT - Fully Galvanised Stock Trailers

    Built to a very high standard of engineering and easily adapted to a variety of uses. Aluminium chequer plate floor and ramp. Full ramp with integral side hung stock gate to aid loading/unloading of single sheep. Full width ramp hinge eliminates ‘foot trapping’ gap. Detachable railed sides for conversion into a low side trailer (railed sides clip to trailer when not in use).

  • Off Road Trailers

  • D W Tomlin - Model 1790MO - Utility Stock Trailer

    D W Tomlin - Model 1790MO - Utility Stock Trailer

    Off-road, general purpose trailer, ideal for moving stock, carrying fencing materials and other equipment. Timber floor, tanalised for longer life. Solid 880mm chequer plate ramp. Detachable upper mesh sides enable conversion into low-sided trailer. Overall side height 880mm/ solid side 450mm. Swivel hitch for extra safety. Full width beam axle. Flotation tyres 22 x 11 x 8. Unladen weight 210kgs. Overall width inc wheels 1640mm.

  • Cultivation

  • Chisel Cultivators

    Chisel Cultivators

    Working depth up to 450mm. 3 Tine chisel cultivator 16hp, 5 Tine chisel cultivator 30hp.

  • Inter Row Cultivators

    Inter Row Cultivators

    1 unit per row, 3 row 30hp, 4 row 40hp. Optional extras: ridging body; soil guards; depth wheels.

  • Rotary Cultivators

    Rotary Cultivators

    Optional extras: sliding headstock; depth wheels; crumbler & packer rollers

  • Seedbed Cultivators

    Seedbed Cultivators

    1.22m 16hp Seedbed harrow c/w crumbler. 1.52m 24hp Seedbed harrow c/w crumbler. 1.83m 30hp Seedbed harrow c/w crumbler. Optional extra: Depth wheels.

  • Spring Tine Cultivators

    Spring Tine Cultivators

    1.22m 16hp Spring tine harrow c/w crumbler. 1.52m 24hp Spring tine harrow c/w crumbler. 1.83m 30hp Spring tine harrow c/w crumbler. Optional extra: Depth wheels.

  • Subsoilers


    Optional extras: wing kits; discs c/w fittings; depth wheels.

  • Plough


    All models are fitted with disc coulter and adjustable depth wheel as standard. Furrow widths 250mm, working depth up to 250mm.

  • Stoneburier


    This very effective stoneburier is a new addition to our machinery range.

  • Harrows

  • Chain Harrows

    Chain Harrows

    Transportable optional extras: Spare wheel; Hydraulic folding wings; hydraulic wheel control.

  • Disc Harrows

    Disc Harrows

    1.07m Disc harrow 16hp, 1.32m Disc harrow 20hp, 1.68m Disc harrow 30hp, 1.98m Disc harrow 40hp.

  • Levelling Harrows

    Levelling Harrows

    1.22m 16hp Levelling harrow c/w crumbler, 1.52m 24hp Levelling harrow c/w crumbler, 1.83m 30hp Levelling harrow c/w crumbler, 2.44m 40hp Levelling harrow c/w crumbler, 2.74m 50hp Levelling harrow c/w crumbler, 3.05m 60hp Levelling harrow c/w crumbler, 3.66m 70hp Levelling harrow c/w crumbler, Folding models available.

  • Soil Graders

    Soil Graders

    Both models have a reversible headstock to enable the grader to level or smooth