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  • Animal Health

  • CowKing - Rotating Cattle Brushes

    CowKing - Rotating Cattle Brushes

    The CowKing Classic Rotating Cattle Brush is ideal for cows back and head. The CowKing Swing Rotating Cattle Brush is ideal for full body coverage and the head and neck. This has a patented design in which the brush does not exceed beyond 45° maintaining optimum friction between cow and brush. This provides the best pressure on the skin to stimulate blood circulation.

  • Feeding Equipment

  • Milk Warmer

    Milk Warmer

    Heats 100 litres of milk from 17 degrees C to 37 degrees C in approximately 1 hour. Use the suspension bracket when using a plastic container to contain the milk.

  • Ambic Equipment

  • Cluster Disinfection

    Cluster Disinfection

    A cost effective spray system that disinfects clusters with peracetic acid between cows.

  • Vacuum Operated Teatsprayer

    Vacuum Operated Teatsprayer

    The Ambic vacuum operated teatsprayer is available in two colours for pre and post spraying. Should you require more droppers an extension kit is available at £65.95 per dropper.