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  • Automatic Heavy Duty Scraper Systems

  • Intelligent Controls

    Intelligent Controls

    Simple controls with multiple functions to meet your needs, choose from digital or analogue control depending on requirements.

  • Outstanding Flexibility

    Outstanding Flexibility

    The designs are very versatile, these scrapers are known for reliability and adaptability. We have something to suit every yard!

  • Analogue Control

    Analogue Control

    Analogue control has a switch for each passage, which may be selected from a choice of two automatic sequences or manual operation. Scrapers are normally parked at the rambox which is located at one end of the passage. Although designed for daily operation any passageway can be given individual attention - an extra scrape for instance or parked completely, without affecting the other passageways.

  • Feeding Equipment

  • Dry Cow Feeding System

    Dry Cow Feeding System

    The Dairymaster SmartFeeder is a standalone feeding system designed to accurately dispense specialised feeding supplements to cows during the dry period.The SmartFeeder is a technologically advanced management tool that allows you to easily feed your cows on an individual basis based on body condition score, stage of production and health status while allowing you the relax with the knowledge that each cow has been delivered her precise...

  • Feedmax System

    Feedmax System

    Dairymaster milking equipment has been designed to have the lowest levels of liner slip, excellent milk out and lower shear forces on teats which is better for udder health. Research has shown it to have the most stable milking vacuum, while applying a very low vacuum in the rest phase. Studies have shown our cluster to have the lowest slip levels and also excellent milk.