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  • Grain Storage Square Silos

    Grain Storage Square Silos

    Danagri-3S offers 2 different types of square silos: Heavy Duty and Standard Duty. Heavy Duty silos are normally used as wet intake silos to feed a grain drier. These have 45° hopper bottoms and are available in several different cross-section sizes from 2m x 2m up to 3m x 6 m, and in heights from 3m to 11m. The modular construction comes in 0.5m high panels to allow for any height to be used. These silos can be fitted either indoor or outdoor...

  • Danagri Grain Store Agitator

    Danagri Grain Store Agitator

    The Danagri Grain Store Agitator and Stirrer is a light, mobile, hand-operated stirring machine for mixing and aerating grain and seed crops in floor stores. Manufactured in Denmark since 2004, the Danagri Grain Store Agitator and Stirrer was initially designed to aerate seed crops, but it is proving to be as efficient at reducing drying and aeration times and reducing energy costs in any floor stored crop. It is now available in a range of four...