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  • Gutter Systems

  • Automatic Gutter Systems for Greenhouses and Nurseries

    Automatic Gutter Systems for Greenhouses and Nurseries

    Do you want to increase your greenhouse or nursery production significantly? Do you want to take advantage of every single square meter in your greenhouse or nursery? Our automatic gutter system adjusts itself so you don’t waste production area. While the plants are still small, the gutters stand close. When the plants grow bigger the distance between the...

  • Growing Troughs for Gutter System

    Growing Troughs for Gutter System

    Growing Troughs for Gutter Systems and special designs for lettuce and herbs greenhouse growers. We deliver gutters and gutter systems in designs which fulfill every need and helps by increasing production in greenhouses and nurseries. We offer gutters/NFT for lettuce, herbs, pots and more, and we adjust length and width, to fit your desire. Our gutters can handle up to 70 degrees Celsius and can thereby handle heat from heating pipes and the...

  • Fertilizer Mixer

  • Multicom - Fertilizer Mixer

    Multicom - Fertilizer Mixer

    The Multicom Fertilizer Mixer is for the professional greenhouse grower worldwide With it's user-friendliness and a perfect control of the EC and pH,our Multicom is an easy choice for you. Have a complete overview of the watering in your greenhouse with Multicom, in your own language. Fertilizer mixer, climate control and greenhouse automation is the overall way to optimize/increase your production, so let us be of your assistance. Our selection of...

  • Multiflex - Fertilizer Mixer

    Multiflex - Fertilizer Mixer

    The Multiflex Fertilizer Mixer has been developed for growers with high demands of advanced controlling.This fertilizer mixer is developed for Priva control. It can be controlled as a stand-alone fertilizer mixer or be included in Priva climate control as a complete solution, and achieve the optimal control and overview of the nursery.The Multiflex Fertilizer Mixer is aimed by the grower who wishes to integrate irrigation systems with a climate...

  • Climate Controllers

  • Priva - Climate Control for Greenhouses and Nurseries

    Priva - Climate Control for Greenhouses and Nurseries

    Priva  Climate Control – The worlds most complete climate control for greenhouses and nurseries. We have the worlds most advanced system for climate control for greenhouses and nurseries. Priva climate control regulates CO₂-concentration, light, curtains and temperature associated with your crops with precision, intelligence and flexibility. The systems is able to control your energy production from e.g....

  • Sirius - Climate Controller

    Sirius - Climate Controller

    Sirius Climate Control is a simple and reliable climate control.Sirius Climate Control controls the climate optimal in small- and medium sized greenhouses/areas, where a stabile climate is desired.Sirius climate control regulates the climate in your greenhouse with simplicity,precision and it is user-friendly.Sirius controls heat, ventilation, curtains and other with great precision, through data from weather station and sensors inside the...

  • Valves

  • Quick - Valves

    Quick - Valves

    The Quick Valve is the answer to many growers' wish for reducing the drainage time in terms of ebb/flow tables and so improving the control of plant and root growth.The Quick Valve can be used in terms of all traditional table systems and can be used as a direct substitute for traditional ebb/flow valves, since the existing filling system is reusable.