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  • Manure Separation

  • Biolynk Systems

    Biolynk Systems

    DariTech is pleased to introduce its Biolynk system for the management of flush manure. From 100% manure collection in freestall operations to specialized use of parlor water in scrape systems, Biolynk will deliver the highest quality flush water along with superior solid capture rates.  DariTech first developed the Biolynk system to serve a number of purposes. With the needs of the dairy in mind, first and foremost Biolynk provides a system with...

  • Manure Pumps

    Manure Pumps

    Our GreenLine pumps follow in the DariTech tradition of bringing value to dairies throughout North America by providing long wearing, highly efficient solutions to the many challenges that manure handling presents. Our pump line offers a broad selection of innovative features for demanding dairy applications. With the ability to configure our pumps for a wide range of flow rates, and manure consistency, we can handle manure pumping requirements of any...

  • DT360


    In response to the dairy industry's demand for a reliable, self cleaning manure separator at a reasonable price, DariTech developed the concept of an internally fed rotary screen with an external spray bar. We are pleased and proud to introduce the DT360, our rotary style manure separator. The DT360 has many features which are attractive to dairymen as they balance performance, reliability and labor and maintenance costs with the manure handling...

  • DTX


    DariTech, Inc., continues to lead the way with the expansion of the DTX line of separators.  Offering three sizes to fit the industries dairy needs with six screen opening sizes to match the system requirements. The DTX separator allows for fine separation without the screen cleaning. Also allows for high thru put without the need to manage feed rates even with high dissolved manure solids content. 

  • Daritech  - Manure Separators

    Daritech - Manure Separators

    Two types of innovative combined screen separator and roller press for the cost-efficient separation of manure solids. Also suitable for the generation of green bedding, subject to national regulations in different countries. Unlike conventional screwpress separators, our machines are capable of handling sand-laden slurry. The DTX (pictured) is capable of handling any type and consistency of slurry, while the DT360 is geared to high volume flush...

  • Westwaard Pasteurizers & Calf Feeding

  • Calf Milk Bottle Washer

    Calf Milk Bottle Washer

    Westwaard is proud to introduce a full new line of bottle washers.  Offering models that combine with the versatility and flexibility of the Westwaard Pasteurizer, as well as standalone units.  While great effort is put into preparing milk the right way to feed calves, it is important that the sanitation of milk bottles is maintained to a high standard as well.  With our years of equipment and automation experience, our goal is to give...